San Francisco Avant Pop Artist Grooblen Shares New Single/Video “Gastropod”

Article Contributed by DEATH TO SLOW MUSIC | Published on Sunday, April 2, 2023

The bay area avant pop artist Grooblen today shares her new single “Gastropod”. This latest offering from songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ellie Stokes and company tears out of the gates with melodic abandon; setting the stage for what is hinted to be a busy year ahead.

In kaleidoscopic technicolor fashion “Gastropod” channels influence from psychedelia and cabaret to bring the dreampunk alter ego Grooblen to life. It may also be the only single you hear this year that features the adjective “fusiform”.

Reflecting on the track, Stokes says, “Gastropod grapples with some depressive tendencies after a series of dalliances that were very uncharacteristic to my personality. I was dealing with a breakup at the time and attempting to explain to my ex-partner that I was doing just fine.”

She continues, “the song sets out a journey where I begin as a “slug or snail”, seeking protection from the world within my “shell” at the cost of pushing away potential new friendships and relationships. By the end, though, I start to view myself as more of a human again, realizing that the “shell” was just a facade and that I am capable of growing on my own terms and personally uncovering pride in my accomplishments.”

“Gastropod” is accompanied by a vibrant visual shot across locations throughout Grooblen’s stomping ground of San Francisco and Oakland, CA. The video explores the message within “Gastropod”; contrasting the seeming freedom of the opening beach shots with Grooblen’s feeling of inauthenticity when dolled-up “inside” her shell in the later scenes.

Since their 2020 inception Grooblen has expanded from a solo endeavor featuring a rotating cast of supporting musicians into a project that lives a double life; a solo studio undertaking, and a trio on the stage featuring Alejandro Lara-Agraz (Bass) and Sean Aaron (Drums). On the way Grooblen has picked up new sounds and textures, exploring them with dauntless spirit. From the lo-fi minimalist beats of “Confused Humans” (2020) to the searching balladry of “R.E.M. Dog” (2021), to the spacey alt pop of “Escher Girl” (2022).