Slightly Stoopid’s Drummer RYMO Releases New Solo Album 'Kinetic'

Article Contributed by Silverback Music | Published on Saturday, May 1, 2021

Slightly Stoopid drummer Rymo (Ryan Moran) has released his new solo album Kinetic out now on all digital platforms here via Controlled Substance Sound Labs. Featured guests include progressive rock legend Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson), YouTube guitar sensation Marty Schwartz, Tom Griesgraber, Paul Wolstencroft (Slightly Stoopid), and film composer Farzam Salami. The album Kinetic arrives on the heels of his two singles “Kinetic” and “Skooby Snax” previously released this Spring.

“Kinetic represents some of the many influences and musical genres that I enjoy. Most of the songs were written and refined in a studio setting over a period of time. I was fortunate to have a bunch of great guests join me and add their talent to this project." - Rymo

Rymo’s bandmates from Slightly Stoopid, OG, Dela, Paulie and AG all contributed to the album, playing multiple parts on songs and solos. Farzam Salami contributed tasteful Middle Eastern percussion and stringed instruments on several tracks. Tom Griesgraber helped record, produce, perform and engineer the album. The entire album was recorded at his studio with the exception of a few guest artists that recorded remotely.

“This album is a sonic journey. The music touches down in various sounding regions around the globe and takes the listener on a ride.” - Rymo


1. Symmetry 7 (feat. Farzam Salami)

2. Kinetic (feat. Paul Wolstencroft, Tom Griesgraber)

3. Palindrome

4. Spy Theme (feat. Tony Levin)

5. Bembé Rumba

6. Skooby Snax (feat. Marty Schwartz)

7. Mr. Roboto Visits The Outback

8. Nebula

9. Influx (feat. Marty Schwartz)

10. Megalodon

11. Cubism 

12. Changó

13. Symmetry 5

14. Hearin’ Everywhere (feat. Paul Wolstencroft)

15. Didg-y-tar (feat. Farzam Salami)

16. Dream Flight