The Slip | Brooklyn Bowl | 11/19/2021

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Sunday, November 21, 2021

Boston based avant rock trio The Slip performed for the second night of a rare two night stand at the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY last Friday night. The show was part of the first formal tour by this band in over ten years. The band has evolved over the years from a high school jazz band into an edgy experimental rock and jazz fusion that tests the boundaries of jam bands with their art rock style and attention to song writing. They were supported by John Kimock and Friends.

Brad Barr | The Slip

The band consists of brothers Andrew (drums) and Brad (guitar) Barr, as well as Mike Friedman (bass). The squad formed in 1989 at the Tabor Academy in Marion, Mass as a student rock band that played at high schools. Band members came and went in the early days, with the current lineup inheriting the band around 1991. All three members attended the prestigious Berkelee School of Music for a short time, but dropped out to pursue The Slip full time.

John Kimock and Friends | Brooklyn Bowl

The evening kicked off with another jazz rock fusion band, John Kimock and Friends. Drummer Kimock was joined by bassist Karina Rykman and guitarist Dan Klug. The set consisted of many songs from Kimock's new album, Hikikomori.

Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY

After a quick break, The Slip took the stage, and opened with "Aptos" > "Airplane/Primitive," the latter being from their album Eisenhower. "Wolof", from Live Is My Jumby, was up next and proceeded a brand new song that was noted as "New Brad" on the set list. The band decided to drop some tasty jam sandwiches up next, starting with "Hit Song" > "Driving Backwards With You," followed by more Eisenhower goodness with "Pandas in Space" > "The Soft Machine." They saved the best sandwich for last in this sequence with "The Shouters" > "Get With Me Fuiji" > "Moby Dick" > "Get With Me Fuji". They executed a sweet throwback to Led Zeppelin with "Moby Dick," and showed how impressively talented Andrew Barr is on the drums. This also included a bonus "Sweet Child of Mine" tease during the first rendition of "Fuji."

Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY

The teases continued in "Through the Iron Gate", with the perennial jazz tune, "So What." Another Eisenhower tune graced the set list with the unfinished "Life in Disguise," which segued into "Jealous Guy." The set wrapped with another hot sequence of transitions, starting with "Autobody Experience." The band segued into a jazz fueled cover of The Band's classic tune, "The Weight," followed by "Dogs on Bikes" outro, which finished the set on a high note with the crowd on their feet. The band returned for one final tune from Eisenhower, "Children of December." Brad Barr was notably standing on his amp and feeling the vibes between him and his band mates, as well as the crowd.

The Slip | Brooklyn Bowl

After a decade long hiatus, The Slip proved that they've still got it. The Jam community can only hope that this tour was a taste of what is to come for this exciting and innovative band.

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Aptos > Airplane/Primitive, Wolof, New Song1, Hit Song > Driving Backwards With You, Pandas In Space > The Soft Machine, The Shouters > Get With Me Fuji2 > Moby Dick3 > Get With Me Fuji, Through the Iron Gate4, Life in Disguise5 > Jealous Guy, Autobody Experience > The Weight6 > Dogs on Bikes7


Children of December


1. New song listed as "New Brad" on set list
2. Sweet Child of Mind tease
3. Cover by Led Zeppelin
4. So What tease
5. Unfinished
6. Cover by The Band
7. Outro