So Many Roads Blog Launches in May

Article Contributed by I NEED A MIRAC… | Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

So Many Roads is a reality based travel series that will follow the Bohemians as they embark on 2016 Dead and Company summer tour. Alongside the show there will be a blog and podcast that will expand beyond the scope of the summer tour and bring followers on trips around the globe in the chase of the power of music.

This show wont’ be your typical travel show, it will bring you into the lives of the hosts as they live on the road for the entire 24 date tour. The film makers will be bringing a very cinematic approach to the show giving it the feeling of a narrative film all the while documenting real events and interactions.

"Some of those guys are school teachers, are doctors. You can’t assume everyone is just this stoned hippies whose whole life is to follow this band around,” Dennis McNally from I Need a Miracle. This show goes beyond the Dead and Company and the Bohemians. It’s about the essence of life. Are we just a bunch of hippies following our favorite band, or are we on to something bigger? Our own essence of life. To live, laugh and love in any way that makes us feel right. And to take the feeling and do something good.

The blog will be a major element to the “So Many Roads” concept. It will take you on an immersive experience into the power of music in places across the globe starting with the Jazz Festival in Tobago. The Dead and Company tour will be featured as the first large journey you can embark on with us, providing you with the power to make your own adventure, using nearly every medium of art. A Podcast we also be included with the blog. We will report weekly/bi- weekly from the road talking Dead and life in the Bohemian Camp. This will include individual show segments, reviews, updates and a whole bunch of a special guests.

Our goal with So Many Roads is to create the first travel experience that truly immerses the follower in their own journey through the places we’ve seen, not as their guide butas a friend amongst their own voyage.

Contact: Anthony Travagliante                                        When: The Blog and Podcasts Launch in

Producer                                                                          May, the series wont be available till Late

Bohemian Fliques                                                            2016, Early 2017.


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