I Need A Miracle Film Documentary

Article Contributed by I NEED A MIRAC… | Published on Thursday, September 17, 2015

From the depths of the Bohemian mind comes a view of arguably the most historic musical event of all time, the Fare The Well shows. They travel to Chicago, where the original three shows were announced, and after much controversy surrounding tickets, without much hope of all getting into the shows. But as many Deadheads will tell you the best times they’ve ever had at a show have been in the lot. That was then, this is now and law enforcement along with the city of Chicago banned over night camping and swore to enforce. So into Chicago they went with not only the desire to learn of the past but questions of the present and future. Will they make it into the shows? Will cops be a problem? Who will show up? Will it be a beautiful end? Or a media frenzy? And the question on everyone minds, what’s next?? We found some answers and this is the result.

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WHAT: Film Release of “I NEED A MIRACLE”


WHEN: OCTOBER, 29th, 2015


TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/138899411

DETAILS: Free 45 minute documentary to be released at

www.ineedamiraclefilm.com to pre-empt upcoming series “SO MANY ROADS”