Solo CT rock force DC Wolves releases music video for "No Alarm"

Article Contributed by Noise Gate PR | Published on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Solo rock act Dan Cahill—DC Wolves—takes a bold stance in his new music video, “No Alarm,” off his latest EP, Nighthawk.

Directed by Pat Healy, the music video serves as a cry for the collective good. Cahill calls out apathy toward real-world issues like public safety, social justice, and poverty, and urges listeners to take intentional action in the world we’re creating for ourselves. Through contagious riffs, contemplative lyricism, and a chorus you can’t help but sing along to, DC Wolves is building more momentum with every new release.

"When the pandemic started, we hadn't quite finished the Nighthawk record,” said Cahill. “And in the time it took to get from the beginning of 2020 to the release of the album, so much had changed in the world. ‘No Alarm’ was originally conceptualized as a commentary on the apathy towards the right to vote, but when we started work on the video, we quickly realized that the song's message had evolved and expanded.”

He continued: “We decided to create a video that, instead, more broadly addressed current events. Those of us who are privileged enough to live in a democratic society have an awesome responsibility to set policy and drive change. To help lift up society as a whole with our right to vote, speak out, and peacefully demonstrate. It's never too late to stand up for something greater than yourself."

“No Alarm” is featured on the band’s 2021 EP, Nighthawk, and is out now. A true force in DIY musicianship, DC Wolves is preparing for another full-length album, set to release later this year. Learn more and stay in touch at