Sonic Bloom 2011 Pre-Party Announced

Article Contributed by Tsunami Publicity | Published on Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Unified Field: Denver - a Sonic Bloom pre-party featuring Alex & Allyson Grey has been scheduled for a two-night celebration on April 29 & 30 in Denver, CO. The launch party will feature some of the nation's hottest live electronic acts and DJ's alongside an array of visual arts performers, live painters and local vendors for what has gained the event the reputation of being one of Denver's premier underground indoor music and art showcases.

Over the last five years, Sonic Bloom has helped launch the careers of dozens of emerging artists in the eletro-jam, glitch, house and dub-step genres including Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, EOTO and Beats Antique. This year, the two-night Unified Field pre-party taking place in Denver, CO will feature live performances with renowned and up-and-coming electronic artists and producers such as Eskmo, Heyoka, An-ten-nae, Octopus Nebula, DJ Vadim, Janover, Nadis Warriors, R/D, Dr. Israel, The Great Mundane, The Polish Ambassador, Miraja, Resident Anti-Hero, Etheric Double, Grimace Federation, Project Aspect and Zobomazé.

Each event developed under the Sonic Bloom umbrella has been aimed to help bring increased awareness to a blossoming underground music scene encompassing live performance, improvisation and the basic principals of electronic music in all of it's guises. With a strong foundation in the visual arts each event features live projection arts as well as dancers, performers and painters from around the globe. And, for the Denver based pre-party, the legendary Alex Gray and his partner Allyson Grey will each be painting live each night and Alex will be doing a multi-media presentation of his work as well.

Step into the 2011 Sonic Bloom pre-party and enter a glowing world that seems to have blossomed within the Sonic Bloom community itself. A world filled with eclectic costumes, live visual arts and the earth-shattering electronic music that made this non-stop dance party internationally known and respected.

Of course, this is just the precursor event to the outdoor festival that will follow on June 24-26th. For more information about Sonic Bloom, Sponsorship opportunities or for ticket information check out or get your tickets directly:

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