Space Bacon | Brooklyn Made | 4/20/2024

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Sunday, April 28, 2024

Future jam quartet Space Bacon returned to Brooklyn Made on Saturday, April 20, 2024, for their first-ever 420 show in Brooklyn, NY. This fun event was also the first celebration of legal cannabis in Brooklyn, as this night marked the first time on April 20 occurred when cannabis could be legally purchased in the Big Apple. This show also occurred just over one year after guitarist Freddy Rylands joined the band, and what an exciting year it has been. Shred funk specialists One Time Weekend and the synth-driven electronica band Teddy Midnight provided support for this hometown throwdown in one of the coolest NYC neighborhoods: Bushwick.

Guitarist Freddy Rylands | Space Bacon

Just over one year ago, Space Bacon played their final show with guitarist Jack Williard at Brooklyn Made on March 18, 2023. They have soldiered on with Rylands, which included significantly more touring and soundboard live releases on They've written new tunes, and continue to dish out ragers like "Snow Bacon V" on January 27, 2024, including vocalists. We highly recommend adding this show to your current playlist.

Drummer Sam Crespo | Space Bacon

The festivities began with Teddy Midnight, who took the stage as a guitar and drum duo. The dance-friendly loops, beats, and synth were perfect to set the high-energy mood. This included disco beats and well-blended samples. This band is no stranger to playing late-night after parties, much to the delight of the Space Bacon fans.

Teddy Midnight | Brooklyn Made

Shortly after the Teddy Midnight set ended, the Hartford, CT-based One Time Weekend was up next. The band's lineup consisted of Adam Eytan (Guitar/Vocals), Ian D’Arcangelo (Lead Vocals/Bass), (Guitar/Keyboards), and Ben Sullivan (Drums/Percussions). The band successfully blended heavier, minor chord, progressive rock with lighter jam rock riffs. D'Arcangelo was a beast on vocals and added thumping bass lines that were inspired by bands like Primus and Lespecial. The dueling guitarists were a nice touch on top of their incredible rhythm section composed of merely Sullivan, who crushed double duties on the drums and percussion. This band recently stepped up at the Peach Music Fest 2023 to the mid-tier Mushroom Stage, and is certainly worth the price of admission.

Guitarist Zac Mulcahy | One Time Weekend

After two great sets, it was finally time for Space Bacon to unleash their greasy jams. The band consisted of guitarist Rylands, drummer Sam Crespo, keyboardist Chris Gironda, and bassist Kevin Legall. Their set began with none other than "Bring Home the Bacon." This meta song brought high-energy guitar solos early, along with plenty of fist-pumping. They skillfully moved into the fast-paced dance disco tune, "Ecumenopolis", which then landed squarely in the electro trance-fueled "Computervision." Gironda's synth took this tune to the next level.

Keyboardist Chris Gironda | Space Bacon

The band took the crowd back to the 90s with a spot-on cover of "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit. The fans loved this cover and turned this into a giant singalong. The sonic reverberations then blasted the music back into "Bring Home the Bacon," which bookended the set. The closing version included a "Blue Sky" tease, in honor of the recent passing of the Allman Brothers Band's Dickey Betts.

Space Bacon | Brooklyn Made

"Sunset Cove" was the song chosen to start the second set, and get the energy rolling after set break. Crespo displayed a stellar cadence on the drums during this tune and throughout the show. The band wasted no time and dropped into "Storm Eagle," which is the Mega Man X video game theme song. Fists were once again pumping during this well-known tune. The squad brought the music full circle with an intense transition back into "Sunset Cove."

Bassist Kevin Legall | Space Bacon | Photo by Vinny Vallely

New tune "Get In The Whip" debuted next. The edgy "Flamethrower" followed, and included more metal-inspired dance music. Ryland's guitar work was on point as he navigated this layered tune. The music made its way like a freight train into the spacey "Stare Into The Sun," before a turn for the frosty in "Ice Planet." This face-melting sequence ended where it started, back in "Flamethrower,' which also ended this epic set.

Space Bacon | Brooklyn Made

The band returned for a final tune, "Snake Charmer," which ended the show on a very high note. They also included a nice parting gift that consisted of an "Aces High" tease (Iron Maiden).

Fans loved the show | Space Bacon

We seriously can't wait for the next throwdown that this band fries up. They have a number of festivals on the docket for 2024 including CaveJam 2024, Biscoland 2024, and Secret Dreams. Head on over to their tour page for more upcoming dates.

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Set One: Bring Home The Bacon >< Ecumenopolis > Computervision, My Own Worst Enemy^ > Bring Home The Bacon$
Set Two: Sunset Cove > Storm Eagle+ > Sunset Cove, Get In The Whip*, Flamethrower > Stare Into The Sun > Ice Planet > Flamethrower
Encore: Snake Charmer#
^ Lit cover
$ w/ Blue Sky (Allman Brothers, Dickie Betts solo) teases
+ Mega Man X cover
# w/ Aces High (Iron Maiden) teases
* new song first time played

Space Bacon | Brooklyn Made

Space Bacon | Brooklyn Made | Photo by Vinny Vallely

Space Bacon | Brookyln Made

Keyboardist Chris Gironda | Space Bacon

Bassist Ian D’Arcangelo | One Time Weekend

Guitarist Freddy Rylands | Space Bacon | Photo by Vinny Vallely