Spafford closed out a massive 2022 campaign with two nights in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Spafford closed out a massive 2022 campaign with two nights in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ.

These were the final shows with keyboardist Andrew “Red” Johnson, who concluded his tenure with the band after an amazing 11 year run.

Night 1 Highlights: Former Spafford drummer Cam LaForest joined the band for nearly the entire show on 12/30. Opened with a 21-minute “Comfortable”. They played “Simon & Lilly” with just Cameron before Nick came back for the rest of the show. Fiery “Whipping Post” to close the first set.

Fan theme was: Disco In 5? (play on Spafford’s song “Dis Go In 5?”)

Setlist was: Set One: Comfortable > Plans, Simon & Lilly^, Mind's Unchained*, The Postman*, Whipping Post*%

Set Two: Steak Sauce* > America*, Windmill*, Weasel*, Ain't That Wrong*

Encore: The Reprise*

Notes:^ - Cameron Laforest on drums // no Nick* - Nick and Cameron on drums % - Allman Brothers Band cover

Night 2 Highlights: This was Red’s final show with Spafford. Emotional and soaring take on “Slip and Squander”. Van Morrison cover “Into The Mystic”, The Who cover “Eminence Front”. Played “To The Nest” off their new album Simple Mysteries as their final song of 2022 before welcoming the New Year with Auld Lang Syne > Electric Taco Stand. Encore began with only Red on stage to start Beautiful Day, he gave an emotional speech to the fans prior and started the song acoustic.

Fan theme was: Electro Funk Ball: “Take It Away Red” (Fans dressed in Red)

Setlist was: Set I: Red’s Jam > Left On The Runway, People, Slip and Squander, Eminence Front* > Leave The Light On

Set II: Diesel Driver > My Road (My Road) (>) Alternate Ending > Into The Mystic^, Backdoor Funk, To The Nest > Auld Lang Syne > Electric Taco Stand

Encore: Beautiful Day, All In


* The Who cover

^ Van Morrison cover