Step into Genre Blending Genius with John Noble Barrack's New Single "Salem"

Article Contributed by Publicity Nation PR | Published on Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Weaving stories of grief, hope, death, disillusionment, and euphoria through the eyes of a twenty-something New Englander, John Noble Barrack stops at nothing. The Brooklyn-based folk/rock singer-songwriter has appeared on stage in New York City, Saratoga Springs, NY, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, and Savannah, Georgia - all while writing his first four singles (coming late 2021), appearing on TV twice (Bull; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and navigating a thankfully waning laundry list of day jobs.

John Noble Barrack is also a man of great athletic ability with a heart of gold, and has raised money through biking and running for cancer research, and has given his time to amazing charities that benefit many important causes.

Charities John Noble Barrack has been involved in include the Pan Mass Challenge:, where he raised over $10,000 in 2020 and biked 190 miles for cancer research. He has also run in races such as the Boston Olympic Triathlon, Oceanside Half Ironman, NYC Central Park and Far Rockaway triathlon and has raised money for nonprofits such as National Disability Theater and The Actors Fund. Barrack has most recently become heavily involved in The Theater Offensive, whose mission is to present liberating art by, for, and about queer and trans people of color that transcends artistic boundaries, celebrates cultural abundance, and dismantles oppression.

Just in time for the conclusion of fall, John Noble Barrack’s new song “Salem” is sure to draw you in, in anticipation of what is to come. Beginning with a simplistic, stripped back guitar picking melody, the entrance of John’s soft vocals are sure to give audiences alike instantaneous goosebumps. The melody, while enticing, is evidently somber and insinuates the emotions that breathe life into the lyrics. 

From first listen, it is immediately evident lyrically that John is met with a dilemma of loving his partner who he knows is causing great suffering in his life. The heartwrenching lyrics “I sink so she breathes, hurt so she heals” describes the sacrifice that he is making so that she can shine, be happy, not feel angry, breathe easily and heal from her past trauma. The name of the song, “Salem”, is highly significant because of his metaphorical mention of going to hell, being under her spell, his hangman not letting him breathe, and John’s unapologetic instructions to send him to Salem and put him on trial. The articulated words repeating “Tears come well but hell is worth my while” embody the timeless act of selfless and sacrificial love. 

John’s breathtaking use of storytelling through relating his choice to stay in a relationship that is putting him through hell to committing a crime as prevalent as the Salem witch trials is true testament to his natural songwriting abilities and his true talent for capturing conflicting emotions and crafting them into his art.