Surf Hat Sets Sail with "Surf Hat Ranch" - A Nouveau Voyage in Sound

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Canada's Surf Hat invites listeners to ride the wave of “cold water psych-surf,” sharing their latest album, Surf Hat Ranch, today. The ten-track anthology is a cohesive, kaleidoscopic odyssey, layered with sonic textures and lyrical depth, inviting listeners to a sonic landscape as expansive as the sweeping views that inspire Surf Hat's music.

Formed amidst the rugged beauty of Canada's northwest, Surf Hat combines Adam Ravalia's groovy basslines with Jon Allan's resonant vocals and shimmering guitar play, layered over Evan Camm's rhythmic drum patterns and lyrical themes. Presented visually with Camm’s keen eye for aesthetics, the band is a trio that not only crafts music but weaves auditory journeys.

Their new album single, "Ghost Story," is already riding a high wave of buzz with nearly 120,000 views on Instagram in under a month. Through the tracks, the band navigates musings on life and love, stitching ballads with threads of heartfelt familiarity. By the final track, each tune on the album feels like an old friend.

LISTEN - Surf Hat Ranch

WATCH - “Ghost Story”

In a decade-long bond forged in the crucible of Canadian music scenes, Adam and Jon discovered a shared creative spark which later ignited upon meeting Evan. The band's organic synergy is as unmistakable as the Squamish vistas that backdrop their minimalist videos, now a hallmark visual style contributing to their Instagram-born acclaim.

Surf Hat is no stranger to the scene, with a history of 'micro-tours' punctuating their past and now, looming plans to bring their sonic blend to the US, aimed for the latter half of 2024.

With influences spanning from Allah-Las to Talking Heads, they pay homage while charting their path, showcasing a sound etched with the signature of their musical forebears yet distinctly their own.

Friendship and artistic reliance are twin tenets grounding Surf Hat. According to Evan, "We don’t choose to write the songs, they write themselves,” a testament to the natural flow of their creative process. “When you feed the machine a little harder, more comes out” – indicating their work ethic brimming with a penchant for creative exploration.

For a fresh-audio adventure, Surf Hat Ranch promises an escapade into the passionate peaks and soulful valleys of Surf Hat's continuously evolving soundscape. The album is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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