Theo Adler Unveils His Neo-Soul and Brit-Rock Fusion EP 'Revealer'

Article Contributed by kartel music group | Published on Sunday, November 12, 2023

Theo Adler is proud to announce the release of his highly anticipated EP, Revealer. Born and raised in London, Theo Adler's music is a mesmerising blend of neo-soul, bossa nova, and alternative rock, and Revealer stands as a testament to his unique fusion of genres. Inspired by life experiences, this EP is a compelling exploration of resilience, self-discovery, and artistic evolution. Stream ‘Revealer’ here.

Theo Adler began his musical journey at the age of five when he first picked up the piano and guitar. His early inspirations were rooted in the sounds of Ben Folds Five's Whatever And Ever Amen but as he honed his craft, he delved into the works of iconic artists such as Ian Dury, the Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, Jungle, and Radiohead. His distinctive style draws from these influences and is infused with a British twist that makes his music truly stand out.

The lead song of the EP, 'Revealer' is a haunting narrative of disappointment and the inner strength required to move on when someone you relied on lets you down. The title track showcases Theo's songwriting talent and is underscored by a fusion of rhythms and vocal layers that give it a depth and richness like no other. "I wrote this out originally just with the drum machine, while I was in a big US neo-soul phase (D'Angelo, Lauren Hill, Musiq Soulchild, etc.), and hoped to put a spin with the British styles that I grew up closer to," Theo explains.

The EP also features the collaboration of talented musician Tom the Lion on live drums and the expert touch of producer Luke Potashnick, who rearranged the backing vocals to create a standout moment in the recording process. The result is an immersive musical experience that captures the essence of Theo's journey as a Londoner with a passion for producing music.

Theo's musical evolution has been a lifelong endeavour, starting with the couple hundred demos he created using Logic Pro 9 during his school days. His dedication and enthusiasm for music led him to collaborate with Luke Potashnick, and together, they embarked on the creation of Revealer. The EP was a labour of love that spanned five years and two continents, with Theo travelling through Europe and Asia, gathering inspiration along the way.

Revealer boasts a breathtaking artistic dimension, thanks to the work of artist Sol Golden-Sato, whose remarkable artwork graces each track on the EP. This fusion of auditory and visual artistry ensures that Revealer provides an all-encompassing experience for listeners.

Theo Adler's unique blend of genres, storytelling, and Brit-Rock fusion make Revealer a remarkable offering that reflects his journey and inspires others to find their own unique path. As an artist, Theo Adler represents the heart and soul of London's diverse music scene and promises an EP that resonates deeply with music enthusiasts.

Theo Adler’s new EP Revealer is out now - Stream the EP here.