Thievery Corporation 20th Anniversary Tour

Article Contributed by philamonjaro | Published on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Midway through Thievery Corporation's 20th Anniversary Tour they are hitting the west coast this month for a number of dates including The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. This is indeed an anniversary celebration as this ensemble has gained a noteworthy fan base without commercial airplay but rather word of mouth, viral media, dance floor rotation, compilations, touring and of course only possible due to their exceptionally great melodies, beats, arrangements and defining bass lines. 

Founded in 1995, Washington D.C.'s Rob Garza and Eric Hilton formed the ensemble bringing together electronic sensibility with dub, acid jazz, reggae, Bossa Nova, Indian, Middle Eastern and world beat influences together. Initially Garza and Hilton started playing music together as a hobby, for themselves using the liquor room of the Eighteen Street Lounge as their studio space. THey put our some vinyl and it grew organically from there.

Expect to hear their well know songs like "Web of Deception", "Radio Retaliation", "Culture of Fear", "Liberation Front", "33 Degree", "Vampires", "The Richest Man in Babylon" and "Lebanese Blonde", but also be prepared to enjoy newer, unknown new material or maybe even a Grateful Dead song. Musically Thievery Corporation has no bounds, wherever this 20 piece ensemble takes the music, deep cuts or new tracks, the music is lush, melodic, rhythmic, infectious, danceable, memorable and never disappointing.  

They are planning a new release in early 2017 after this tour.