Thrive Fest Hawaii was a huge success in every way

Article Contributed by THRIVE FEST HAWAII | Published on Friday, February 14, 2020

Thrive Festival Hawaii sends a huge Mahalo to the Big Island and everyone in Pahoa for making the first annual Thrive Fest a total success in every way. Almost 1000 people came and went. The music flowed, the yogis stretched our spines and souls, valuable wholistic and agricultural information was shared, life long friends were made, lovers danced, children played and most importantly a community grew. Is that all? Nope! The festival also made significant financial donations too to Hawaii Farmers Union United (HFUU), Hip Ag and to the Kalani Oceanside Retreat to help build the new parking lots.

Thrive Fest

The intention behind this gathering from the beginning was to help facilitate healing and growth both physically and spiritually in a community that has lost so much to the Lava. And now that the lava flow has come to its end, it is time to join together, rebuild and Thrive.

Thrive Fest

It is time to dance a new dance. To step over a line into a new time. To leave the past where it is and focus on the now to make a better future. It is time to open the doors so the old can meet the new and the new can honor the old, and the old can share its wisdom with the next generation of leaders. It is time to tear down the borders, physical and cultural, to walk as one into our collective future. With the right friends, the right family and the right spirit we can ALL thrive in this world. It just takes time, hard work, patience, faith, and hope. When we work together anything is possible.

Thrive Fest

Thank you all for sharing the true meaning of Aloha.
1000 Bows in gratitude and humility.
The Thrive Festival Team