Timothy Eerie Propels Us Through a Sonic Psychedelic Journey with New Single and Music Video "Toad Venom"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, October 15, 2023

Immerse yourself in the rich, psychedelic soundscapes of Orlando's Timothy Eerie with their latest single and accompanying visualizer, "Toad Venom," from the captivating album Work Free Drug Place.

The single, mixed by Wand frontman Cory Hanson, thrusts listeners into a whimsical world woven from threads of jousting guitars, rampant percussions, and ethereal vocal echoes, offering a much-needed respite from the ordinary and expected. "Toad Venom" derives its potent name from the venom of the Sonoran desert toad, noted for containing 5meo-dmt, one of the strongest psychedelics known. The lyrics pivot around navigating through the realms of uncomfortable experiences. A fitting theme for a band that so expertly crafts disconcerting yet compelling sonic journeys.

"With Timothy Eerie, it's not merely about listening. It's an expedition, a vibrant and unpredictable exploration of sound and sentiment," says the band's spectral leader Eerie. This notion is not just embedded in the music but is a principle the band wholly embodies. With an ever-evolving lineup and an aversion to being musically static, Timothy Eerie is a project that embraces change and chaos, much like the psychedelic experiences their music seeks to replicate.

"Every single creation is a trip, a unique encounter. Our aim is to lure listeners into this sonic labyrinth, allowing them to wander, explore, and discover," Eerie continues. The band has become synonymous with a kind of chaotic beauty, their music a multifaceted journey where dreamy, hazy melodies meet rock'n'roll noise, and where the ethereal and the visceral coexist in a vibrant symbiosis.

The band, championed by Hypnotic Bridge & Green Witch Records, has rubbed shoulders and shared stages with luminaries such as Starcrawler, Of Montreal, La Luz, Dead Meadow, Surfer Blood, Kikagaku Moyo, and L.A. Witch, carving out a mystical path in the psych-rock domain.

The imminent release of the "Toad Venom" music video is sure to further entrench Timothy Eerie as a staple in the psychedelic scene, elevating listeners to new, unexplored heights.

Join Timothy Eerie in their wanderlust-driven psychedelic expedition:

  • 10/10 Savannah, El Rocko
  • 10/11 Charlotte, Snug Harbor
  • 10/12 Norfolk, Chicho’s Backstage
  • 10/13 New York, TBA
  • 10/14 Philadelphia, Philly Stoop
  • 10/15 Asbury Park, Salty’s Beach Bar
  • 10/22 Orlando, Will's Pub


Delve into the psychedelic universe of Timothy Eerie with "Toad Venom":


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