Tracy Walton | If I Ever Get Away | New Music Review

Article Contributed by Cyrus Rhodes | Published on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How would one describe Tracy Walton a singer –songwriter who hails from Litchfield CT? Tracy Walton has never been afraid to re-invent himself. In this spirit, Tracy released the aptly titled “Brand New Again” in 2011. At once rough and vulnerable, Tracy’s voice cuts to the heart of any story, taking you down back roads, through broken lonely hearts, and into hopeful, open skies. So having finally found that steady gig to fall back on, Tracy decided in 2010 that it was time to start “Brand New Again” and focus all of his energy on his solo career. Listening to Tracy sing, one can’t help but hear the years of struggle that all musicians go through. Yet, there is a hope to his deep voice that demands attention. And while it may be easy to hear the Americana flavor, if you listen close you’ll hear Ziggy Stardust trying to show himself, and maybe Chet Baker’s smooth voice singing a harmony or two. His latest release is entitled “If I Ever Get Away” (2013).While it is true many feel the music industry is in disarray it's always a breath of fresh air to hear a new band or artist that's not afraid to take chances with their musical expression. Tracy Walton right away gives off that rugged Americana look many can’t get enough of. Add in an acoustic guitar, some muscular arms, a tight T-shirt and powerful song, nice voice, and a truthful conviction – well I’m rambling here. I think you get my point. With his latest musical offering “If I Ever Get Away” it’s clear to me Walton has surpassed what many consider to be the a-typical musical release for 2013. From the beginning to end “If I Ever Get Away” gives you an amazing soul-searching anthem that captures the grit, essence and restless sprit of classic Americana. “If I Ever Get Away” delivers 10 compelling songs that will keep you entertained and at the same time take a tug at your heart strings. Also present are messages that are boldly honest, powerful and a vibe that is unmistakably vintage Americana. What’s more, Walton combines many impressive musical styles: like Blues, R&B, Folk, Americana and Traditional Rock n’ Roll to Sock n’ Soul popular in the 70’s. Digging a bit deeper I can even hear influences from Motown, Saloon Jazz and Old time Soul Rock. Musical comparables for me are Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Otis Redding, Gordon Lightfoot and even Johnny Cash. Some pieces I really like are “Redeemed” with its amazing message, and gripping “Think you Do” and the title track. The title track alone expands the possibilities for Walton as a possible radio hit in the making. The production is top notch and the playing from all other band members just hits the spot. Walton creates a sound that will make virtually any listener feel right at home. As a vocalist Walton delivers a nitty-gritty baritone hat glides with precision. On all tracks he delivers an array of impressive harmonies and a raspy vocal timber overall. Much of this goes beyond traditional playing and songwriting. Walton has a strong X-Factor. You don’t have to hear him sing a single note to fall in love with him. Lyrics are also an important component for me whenever I listen and review music. In this aspect Walton paints an impressive travelers story deep between the spoken word with boldly brings messages of hope, love lost, gained then lost again. “If I Ever Get Away” delivers amazing music for the senses that has no boundaries – very much like America itself.