Turbine Releases 4th Album, Shakin' Off The Shock

Article Contributed by Ryan D | Published on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hailing from New York City, Turbine has release its fourth full length Shakin' Off The Shock. This new album twists and turns through eleven tracks, weaving a sonic thread of hard riffs and electrofunk around their most memorable lyrics to date. Working closely with producer John Davis, who recorded The Black Keys' Grammy winning song Tighten Up as well as Turbine's previous album Blue Light City, the band found themselves digging deeper than even before into the grooves that drive each song. Together they were able to bring out the startling uniqueness of each track on the album. This wide range of mood is made cohesive by genuine rock 'n' roll poetry and soulful performances.

Embracing the past with an array of vintage amps, classic gear, and even a French horn, this album also opens the door to the future of musical instruments. 3D printing a custom harmonica microphone, Ryan Rightmire has linked it to an LED touchpad to create the first digital harmonica. Turbine is also unusual as an improvising rock band in that they have an exploratory lead guitarist who writes from a lyric-based perspective. Co-founder Jeremy Hilliard completes the band's unique sound with writing that reveals influences by artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Robert Hunter, and Conor Oberst. Shakin' Off The Shock is set for a wide release on June 29, 2015 via all major internet outlets, both digitally and vinyl on the band's forthcoming album release tour.

Since forming, Turbine has graced the stage at almost every major festival across the country including Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, 10K Lakes, Gathering of the Vibes, and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. They have also performed with countless influential acts, from bluegrass legend Del McCoury to classic rockers Bad Company. With Shakin' Off The Shock, the band hopes to take the next step and reach that level of notoriety for themselves.


Jeremy Hilliard - vocals, guitar

Ryan Rightmire - vocals, guitar, French horn, harmonica

Adam Chilenski - bass, vocals

Dale Paddyfote - drums, vocals


1) Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

2) Trouble in a Bottle

3) Mystic Wanderer

4) Soothsayer

5) Stereo (Advance the Dance)

6) Black Limousine

7) Shakin' Off the Shock

8) Cherry Tree

9) Man to Machine

10) Golden City in the Sky

11) Chateau le Puy