Unforgettable Night in Osaka: Phish Releases Iconic 2000 Show on LivePhish

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, June 30, 2023

Phish just announced the latest addition to its expansive LivePhish catalog, the much-anticipated recording of their June 16, 2000 show at Zepp Osaka in Osaka, Japan.

The setlist, a masterful compilation of Phish's iconic improvisational prowess and a testament to their ongoing musical journey is now available for streaming via the LivePhish App. Fans can also download the complete show by visiting the LivePhish website at http://livephi.sh/ph000616.

The Osaka show is a musical journey across two sets and an encore. Kicking off with a majestic 16-minute rendition of "Limb By Limb," the first set features fan favorites like "Back on The Train," "Golgi Apparatus," "Heavy Things," and culminates in a soul-stirring "Character Zero."

The second set showcases the epic "Runaway Jim," followed by a heart-rendering "Theme From The Bottom" and "Dog Faced Boy." As the set progresses, the crowd was treated to the rhythmical and immersive "Slave To The Traffic Light," and the energetic "Julius." A compelling rendition of "Bug" rounded off the second set.

The encore is nothing short of a grand finale. "Bouncing Around The Room" was performed with an exuberance that preluded the climactic, 18-minute-long version of "Harry Hood," sending fans home with a memorable finish to an extraordinary night of music.

In addition to streaming on the LivePhish App, the show is available for purchase in multiple formats including MP3, FLAC, ALAC, and CD.

Whether you are a long-time fan looking to relive that legendary night, or a new listener interested in experiencing one of the band's most memorable overseas performances, Phish's June 16, 2000 show at Zepp Osaka is a must-have addition to your LivePhish collection.