Wake Up And Live to Celebrate Marley's Birthday

Article Contributed by Ground Up Booking | Published on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This year Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley would be turning 71 years old.  To commemorate the music legend, Wake Up And Live will perform for three nights, their tribute versions of our favorite Bob Marley songs.  WUAL will hold performances in Colorado Springs at the Gold Room, in Fort Collins at the Aggie Theater and at Cervantes Other Side for the grand finale on Saturday.  Shows at The Aggie and Cervantes will include additional performances by local and regional reggae acts.

This year’s celebration won’t be one to miss. WUAL started to pick up pace with live shows in Boulder and Denver late last year and are looking forward to the mini tour for this year’s birthday celebration.  Dave Halchak, the bands front man and rhythm guitarist said of the idea of starting a Bob Marley tribute band, “The idea of taking Bob's material and spinning it in an improvisational way is really where the idea started. The songs are so powerful and strong on their own, but we feel, adding the improv sections really give the songs a different life.”  During the performances you will hear songs spanning Marleys’ full catalog which will sure to keep you singing and swaying.  Yet Wake Up and Live is guaranteed to play versions of those songs like you’ve never heard them before.

About WUAL Denver guitarist and vocalist Dave Halchak has put together a group of musicians to celebrate the music of Bob Marley.  The chemistry between the members has inspired the musicians to create a fresh and new experience for Marley fans; Wake Up and Live.   Wake Up and Live pushes the boundaries of your normal "tribute" band by taking the music of Bob Marley into uncharted improvisational moments which siphon into frequent jam sessions.  The stellar arrangements create a unique and powerful twist on the Marley catalog.  The band features Dave Halchak on guitar and lead vocals, David Lott on lead guitar, Andrew Martin on keyboards, Jay Are Ranck on drums, Neil Ross Hebbert on bass, LaSha Waldroup & Jamie Jay on vocals.  Sometimes featuring additional guest percussionists and horn players. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud or LIVE!

4th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Celebration with Wake Up and Live

Thursday February 4th Aggie Theater Fort Collins, CO

Friday February 5th The Gold Room Colorado Springs, CO

Saturday February 6th Cervantes Other Side Denver, CO