We Dream Dawn Returns to Colorado

Article Contributed by United Interests | Published on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ethereal folk-rock band, WE DREAM DAWN, will be returning to Colorado for the release of their new EP titled The Return of the Light.

The Return of the Light, plays with the themes of love, hope, death, and rebirth. One of the tracks was inspired by Sage Cook’s aunt who had requested he write music for her funeral. “I wasn’t going to let her down,” says Sage. “Morning Sun” was finalized and recorded two days after her passing. The group is also excited to include an older song of Sage’s, “Eventide,” which includes violin and electronic production by LAPA (Ilya Goldberg). The entire album was written and produced by Sage and a limited number of unique, zodiac-inspired packages are available.

Sage Cook, founding member of Elephant Revival, decided that after eight years of touring internationally it was time to take a break and start an artist community in his native Kansas. His goal was “to pursue permaculture style homesteading adventures and attempt to find symbiosis between art and sustenance,” and the group is now growing their own food.

Subsequently, WE DREAM DAWN was born. Sage (vocals) will be playing a few select shows with two others, Aera Fox (bass, synth) and Weston Hill (drums), to create what Sage describes as “happy, sad, and hopeful dance music”. Utah State Fiddle Champion, Amanda B. Grapes will be joining the band for a string of Front Range dates in March.

WE DREAM DAWN” developed out of the idea that we can consciously realize our dreams or sleep them away, and it dawned on us later that we all really love each other. So here we are. We play what some may call dreamy post folk music. We like to watch plants grow. We have hope for the future. WE DREAM DAWN!

Fort Collins @ Downtown Artery
Wednesday, March 2nd
w/ Laura Goldhamer and Xerephine
Denver @ Cervantes Other Side
Thursday, March 3rd
w/ White Water Ramble
Boulder @ Shine
Friday, March 4th
w/ Bridget Law of Elephant Revival & Tierro and Lyndsey McGuire