The Mighty Pines Release Latest Studio Album Late Last Night

Article Contributed by United Interests | Published on Saturday, May 30, 2020

St-Louis-based roots rockers The Mighty Pines are pleased to release their latest album, Late Last Night. Produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, the album stretches out with a sonic spaciousness, allowing the band’s tight harmonies and lead vocals to weave above, under, and around their exquisite playing, and to slide effortlessly from roots and folk ballads to rock and soul.

Following years of success on the road, The Mighty Pines have refined and revitalized their sound. Weaving soulful vocals and muscular playing on every song and drawing from a range of musical influences, the band brought their collaborative spirit to the new album ensuring a unique musical experience.

The title track opens with shimmering guitars, launching into a harmony-drenched rocker with a strong vocal-and-guitar drive. “Late Last Night,” Neil Salsich, singer and guitarist, recalls, is “the last song written for the album, and the greatest departure from our previous sound, but it felt very natural. We have endless musical worlds inside us we want to express.”

“Time Slows Down” showcases the band’s great songwriting, as well as their ability to weave musical styles fluidly. The skittering bluegrass romp of the verses mimics the fast pace of life as the lyrics plead for time to move a little slower so we can experience life to its fullest, while the chorus mimics the deliberate and unhurried pace of time. On the minor-chord tune “Stranger in the City,” the harmonies circle higher and higher, driven by Gerard Erker’s crystalline electric mandolin creating a sound which resembles Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

While The Mighty Pines have been playing around the Midwest for several years, their shows on the festival circuit and elsewhere around the country continue to win them fans. The Mighty Pines, consisting of Neil Salsich, Gerard Erker, John Hussung and Mike Murano, have grown by branching off into their own sound, which they have effortlessly showcased on Late Last Night.

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