The Well Known Strangers release new single, “The Mountain Song”

Article Contributed by Denise Lamott PR | Published on Friday, September 18, 2020

Drinks at the neighborhood pub in Shasta led to a close encounter with the State of Jefferson, a freight train, and the secret alien colony in the mountain. The first single off the Well Known Strangers’ forthcoming full-length collection celebrates the bohemian splendor and brash eclecticism of their home state of California and all of the terrestrial life forms therein.

Written by lead vocalist Amber Morris and lead guitarist/vocalist David Noble, “The Mountain Song” will delight fans of The Well Known Strangers’ debut LP “TMI” while also forging into new and more adventurous musical and lyrical territory. What does it all mean? “Go ask the mountain.”

The Well Known Strangers’ celebrated style of “California Country Soul” features powerhouse vocalist Amber Morris (Narada Michael Walden, Tim Hockenberry, Eric Martin Band, Mark Karan Band); David Noble (Poor Man's Whiskey, Pardon The Interruption) on lead guitar and vocals; Joshua Zucker (The Jones Gang, Rowan Brothers, Poor Man’s Whiskey) on bass and vocals; Austin de Lone (Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, The Fabulous Thunderbirds) on keys; Mick Hellman (The Go To Hell Man Band) on drums and vocals; Rob Anderson (emerging talent and repeat world champion cyclist) on guitar.

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