West Water Outlaws, New EP Release: "Real Killer"

Article Contributed by Evan Reeves Pr… | Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WEST WATER OUTLAWS unleashes the new EP, “Real Killer.” Blending timeless Rock and Roll, innovative songwriting, and electrifying performances, sell out crowds prove West Water Outlaws’ emergence as the premier Rock band in Boulder, CO. While their last EP, the well received, Crooked Angel, captured the group at their conception, new release, Real Killer, showcases the band in ascension.West Water Outlaws is composed of vocalist/guitarist Blake Rooker, lead guitarist Will Buck, Bassist Vince Ellwood and drummer Andrew Oakley. Real Killer was recorded at UI Sound Studios in Boulder, CO. Rooker recounts, “we wanted to capture the music in its rawest form- live to the hard drive! West Water is about energy, not clinical perfection.”The first single, title track, “Real Killer,” showcases the band in full swagger. The swampy guitar riffs, raunchy bass, phat drum groove and gritty vocals create undeniable music synergy. Will Buck adds, “sonically, we wanted something aggressive and dirty- tracking a vocal into a metal trash can lid and guitar amps surrounded by mirrors set the tone.”To celebrate the release of the EP, West Water Outlaws will be performing at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO, on August 2, 2012. The show is sponsored by Radio 1190 and the Marquee Magazine. As part of the promotion, the band is releasing an mp3 and video for the single, “Real Killer.”