Zeke Finn Shares Track, "UNICORN"

Article Contributed by Effective Imme… | Published on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Brooklyn based indie artist & Matisyahu protege, Zeke Finn, shares his latest track, “Unicorn” from his upcoming self-titled EP. Baeble premiered the single, stating, “(it) sounds like a unicorn, if unicorns made musical sounds... And we know that sounds weird, but once you get a taste of the beat-centric electronics, magical synths, and dreamy melodies, you'll understand.” “Unicorn” marks Zeke’s first steps on his wanderlust, whimsical pop journey. The track is uplifting and dynamic, exploring the magic of comforting someone. Check out the full piece on Baeble here!

Raised in Ithaca, NY to beat artist parents, Zeke Finn grew up surrounded by open spaces and music. But when Finn discovered beatboxing in high school, he quickly became addicted to hip hop; it was then that Finn began to merge his love for hippie jam sessions with his passion for writing raw, heartfelt rap. He’s been hard at work since, collaborating and rapping with reggae/rap star Matisyahu, playing sold out shows at the Bowery Electric, Highline Ballroom, and Le Poisson Rouge and recording his upcoming 4-track EP. With engineering helmed by Stu Brooks (50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Dub Trio), the collection is a sprawling listen, covering ground in hip-hop, pop, ambient, reggae, and jam. Backed by blistering production and bright sounds, his newest release is a mix of deep introspective songs focused on place and identity. With a new video on the way featuring his mentor, Matisyahu, and more captivating music in store, Zeke Finn’s “Unicorn” is just the beginning.