Zoe Berman releases new EP, Freezing Heat

Article Contributed by Ella Morrison | Published on Thursday, December 2, 2021

Zoe Berman is a Denver-based singer-songwriter. She accompanies her sultry vocals on the piano and guitar, often complemented by a hand-built suitcase drum played with her feet. Zoe "combines musicality and lyrical poeticism into a hypnotizing mélange of soul, Jazz, and americana music" to create a unique sonic experience that defies traditional genre classifications.

Her songs are often auto-biographical, brimming with relatable narrative and sensorial imagery; she draws inspiration from both mother nature and human nature, composing song lyrics while traversing trails in the mountains of Colorado, and exploring elements of wordplay and storytelling to "[create] songs that are tender and utterly human" (Off-Kilter Media).

Her latest EP is entitled Freezing Heat and is a collection of songs that carry sensorially rich narratives and self-reflective discoveries she has accumulated over the last five years. Single "Lilac Hour '' was inspired by the golden hour in nature, a time of reflection and beauty.  The whimsical "Luna Lune" was inspired by a friend's long distance relationship that went so sour that her friend could no longer look at the moon because of past memories. "Manuka Honey" is an endearing love song reminiscent of her time living in Wellington, New Zealand. Fused with mellifluous vocals, bright piano and jazz-soaked soundscapes, "Manuka Honey" is a romantic lullaby. The EP reflects the various sonic styles and influences that make up my musical vernacular and as such, offer a little something for listeners of many different musical tastes to enjoy.