Cas Haley Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Wife's Cancer Treatment

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Singer/Songwriter Cas Haley has announced a GoFundMe campaign today for a health crisis in his family. Cas last week posted to his fans, “On April 19th, 2018, my wife Cassy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her type of cancer is an aggressive form called High Grade Ductal Carcinoma. She is what they call a ‘Triple Negative.’ In triple negatives, they don’t know what feeds the cancer and that makes it harder to treat, but it is curable.” He added, “We are in for a long fight, but we are hopeful. We just began our treatment plan starting with 5 months of intense chemo, which will be followed by a double mastectomy and, most likely, a hysterectomy.”

This has hit Cas and the community around him deeply.  Due to the heavy costs treatment like this incurs, as well as tour dates he had to cancel so he could stay by Cassy’s side, Cas has setup a GoFundMe campaign and humbly explains, “We are raising funds to help with the health expenses that insurance won’t cover and the loss of wages that we will experience over the next months. Any donation will help us out and be so appreciated. Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out and for considering donating in a time of need.”

Cas is a singer/songwriter that got his first big break on season two of America's Got Talent in 2007, where he came in 2nd place and jump-started his career. The Haley's live in Paris, Texas, where they enjoy the open air, gardening, and farm animals when they are not on tour. Cas, Cassy, and their children Eben and Nolah, travel on tour together as a family, a great representation of Haley's latest album, More Music, More Family. The Haley’s live life together, from music and tours, to homeschooling on the road, making their lives a family endeavor.

Earlier last month on social media, Cas passionately spoke about the cancelled tour, “Y’all know that my family is the most important thing in my life, followed closely by my music and my fans. So I have to thank you all for understanding, as I know some of you will be disappointed in not seeing me play coming up. I am hopeful that Cassy and the kids and I will get through this and I’ll be able to focus on getting back out to play more shows in these cities and getting us all back to normal soon.”

All donations and more info can be found at