Mile Twelve

“Boys can die but legends never fall,” sings Mile Twelve’s Evan Murphy in the refrain of their new single, “Johnny Oklahoma,” a triumphant and wild tale involving a brave youth turned human cannonball. And still, from this concise and clever story song, listeners may sense a bit of nihilism; a heavy load sang in a major key. These musicians are clearly working through some hard questions posed by the last few years.

Leading up to the making of their new album, Mile Twelve—a flourishing act whose output has helped push the envelope of New England’s progressive bluegrass and string-band scene—learned a whole new level of perseverance, patience, and performance. “Mile Twelve made fast gains for the first few years, like shiny young bluegrass bands do,” says guitarist Evan Murphy. “We picked fast, sang high, and toured hard. Then it all crashed against the brick wall of Covid.”


Fiddler’s Pastime is the debut solo album that establishes fiddler Bronwyn Keith-Hynes as one of the most exciting bluegrass musicians of her generation.  This powerful collection of original fiddle tunes and traditional songs features world renowned guest artists Sierra Hull, Tim O’Brien, Sarah Jarosz, Chris Eldridge, Laura Orshaw and James Kee. Release date Sept. 4th.

Mile Twelve is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the acoustic music world. The Boston-based quintet combines a modern indie aesthetic, bluegrass instrumental skills honed at some of the best music schools in the world, and songwriting that deftly conjures haunting images of the past and twisted versions of the future.

Today, IBMA Momentum Award winners, Instrumental Performance, Emerging Artist nominees Mile Twelve release their new full-length album, City on a Hill.