Angela Petrilli

Angela Petrilli is featured in the new July issue of Guitar Player (Pink Floyd / David Gilmour cover). "Petrilli comes on like a true original," they write, "delivering smart, tough and soulful blues rock that brims with blood-pounding guitar playing on a set of songs that artfully examines the highs and lows of the human spirit without being obvious or overdrawn."

After a four-year hiatus following the death of her best friend & bandmate Jenny Pagliaro (who passed away from breast cancer in 2019 at age 35), Angela Petrilli returns to music with her new debut solo EP, The Voices, out today. The Voices and its songs have already garnered praise from Rolling Stone, The Grateful Web, Glide Magazine, blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, It's Psychedelic Baby, Roughstock, Americana UK and many more.

Revered guitarist Joe Bonamassa has added Angela Petrilli's new single "The Voices" to 4 of his personally curated Spotify playlists this week. The song is the title track of Petrilli's forthcoming debut solo EP, The Voices, out May 5. This comes in the wake of coverage at Grateful Web, Glide Magazine, It's Psychedelic Baby & more.

“Red River”—the dark, moody, slide-anchored epic that opens Angela Petrilli’s debut solo EP The Voices—draws inspiration from ancient Greek classics The Odyssey and The Iliad; given the trials, tribulations and loss Petrilli endured on the winding journey to this redemptive new set of songs, it’s an apt metaphor.

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