David Haerle

Losing Eddie Van Halen last year was a tremendous loss for many, including singer-songwriter-guitarist DAVID HAERLE. “Eddie,” his latest single out June 9, is a tribute to the man who, as DAVID puts it, “performed miracles on six strings.”

Like most musicians and artists, Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist DAVID HAERLE has been deeply moved by the current state of affairs in this country and he's channeled those feelings into a new single and music video, "True Liberty," out October 23, in the midst of the monumental presidential election. The song is inspired by the words of American poet Edwin Markham (1852-1940).

"True Liberty" is available now on all digital platforms; listen now here.

“The backing track for this song is from a piece called ‘Prelude to Play It Like The Record.’ A great piece of music to improvise to on guitar. We looped it, got a great tone from my Nash ‘telecaster style guitar’ on the neck pickup by using my late 1970’s Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier and Full Tone’s Full Drive 2 pedal. We recorded multiple takes and over time engineer Jose Salazar masterfully edited the piece together. He and I take very detailed notes on guitar tones and what we did to get them.

Ahead of an album out next month, Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist DAVID HAERLE has released a series of singles and accompanying music videos. "Edendale" is out today, available on all digital platforms and on YouTube. This is the latest track and video to come off HAERLE's forthcoming album Death Valley, due out May 8.

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