Del Barber

“I want my work to be seen as subtle by definition,” says three-time Juno Award nominee Del Barber. “I want my statements to come across as questions rather than decrees or opinions.” Barber’s way of seeing the world and his place within it takes center stage on his brand new album, Almanac. If Barber’s previous release, Stray Dogs: Collected B-Sides Vol. 1 felt like the end of one of life’s seasons, Almanac doggedly led him into the next.


Sometimes, inspiration strikes in the strangest of places. According to three-time Juno Award nominee Del Barber, his new tune, “Still Got You,” flashed before his eyes while he was taking a leak outside one night on his little farm in western Manitoba. “The stars looked like they were crammed in the sky like sardines, the wolves were howling, cows were bawling,” Barber remembers. “I had my dog Fischer next to me.

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