Handmade Moments

Handmade Moments, the duo featuring multi-instrumentalists Anna Moss and Joel Ludford, release a riveting collection of covers on a new full-length studio album, Number Ones, set for national release on Friday, November 1, 2019. Number Ones follows Handmade Moments viral video success for their indie-folk take on Erykah Badu's song "Phone Down," which to date has garnered 4.5 million views on Facebook.

In Handmade Moments’ second album, Eye in the Sky, you’ll find a wonderful array of classy beatboxing, great rhythms and a smattering of political commentary. The beatboxing acts as a subtle foundation for their melodies. Their rhythms are interlinked between South and Central American sounds, classic bluegrass and modern folk with a few twinges of slide guitar. And the commentary – it’s subtle as well. There are no overbearing opinions, just lightly dancing hopes for a better world.

Handmade Moments’ first album is a collection of fun, sultry, inspiring, thoughtful tracks. With songs stretching from political to simply lovely, the duo (Anna Horton and Joel Ludford) offers an expansive array of styles and lyrics through their 12 songs. Musically, the album is rooted in strings and jazz; bluegrass, folk and Americana float in throughout the album. Horton and Ludford’s musical and vocal styles complement each other well; her voice sails, while his tethers.

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