HopMonk Taverns

Here’s guitarist Charlie Hunter, live on stage at HopMonk Tavern Novato this week, speaking for himself and drummer Scott Amendola.

We can still get excited at our age.”

They have much to be excited about!

Get ready for a night of exceptional music and holiday spirit as Jason Beard, the founder and songwriter of Poor Man’s Whiskey, brings a special hometown show to HopMonk Sebastopol. This unique event, "Jason Beard & The Whiskey Family", is set to take place tonight, December 23rd, 2023, promising a festive and memorable experience for all attendees.

A Fusion of Talent and Musical Mastery

On November 23rd, at 5 PM California Time, a special Thanksgiving event will premiere on YouTube featuring Josh Brough of Poor Man's Whiskey. The performance, set at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato, promises a blend of bluegrass and heartfelt Americana for viewers worldwide.

Josh Brough and Brent McClain to Deliver a Stirring Performance

STU and the crew return with an unforgettable, electrifying take on the Bob Dylan Songbook with GHOSTS OF ELECTRICITY making a rare appearance for an early Sunday Funday dinner show on March 5th at Hopmonk Sebastopol. Featuring an amazing lineup: Stu Allen, Mark Karan, Greg Anton, Mookie Siegel and JP McLean. Outside under a heated tent, great food & drink.

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