L. Shankar

Electric Violin, Vocal Master L. SHANKAR will be playing select US shows in April 2022! Lakshminarayana Shankar, professionally known as L. Shankar, is widely considered a living legend, a pioneer, and a musical genius who has collaborated with giants such as Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many, many more. His solo albums have always drawn not only enormous interest from fans and critics alike but also showcase the collaborative spirit that is integral to Shankar’s art.


Indian violin legend L. Shankar makes a rare visit to Miami Beach, for an exclusive concert at the North Beach Bandshell on April 16. Tickets are on sale now for this evening at the North Beach Bandshell. Shankar, who plays a custom-made electric double violin, is an innovative virtuoso who has expanded the range of India’s classical Carnatic tradition.

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