Lilly Winwood

Lilly Winwood’s new album Talking Walls beautifully captures a tumultuous period over the last couple of years; universally and, especially, personally. Like a lot of her performing songwriter compatriots, Winwood found herself working hard to pay the bills during that uncertain time in the music industry. “I’d be working in a restaurant all day and then at night, come 3 a.m., I’d be pulling half-written songs out of my apron,” she recalls. But through it all, Winwood never stopped writing.


Leading up to the writing of her new album, Talking Walls, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lilly Winwood had all but resigned herself from continuing her music career. Burned out after her last album cycle and in the midst of a pandemic, Winwood took a job to pay the bills—but she couldn’t stop writing. She knew she was on the cusp of something important. “I’d be working in a restaurant all day and then at night, come 3 a.m., I’d be pulling half-written songs out of my apron,” she recalls.


East Nashville-based Americana artist, Lilly Winwood, is gearing up to release her debut album Time Well Spent on January 29. Her rootsy voice perfectly compliments her soulful songwriting, which allows listeners a glimpse into her personal experiences. Although Winwood’s writing is wise beyond her years, it is clear that throughout the album, she is coming of age as she goes through finding love, making mistakes, waiting for karma to catch up and discovering her true self.


British-American singer/songwriter Lilly Winwood is gearing up to release the official music video for her single “Few More Records." Winwood tells the story of her being burnt out on the road and struggling with her inner demons all while having a job to do. In the video, she quite literally brings that to life as the frames change between her selling records to dancing with her demon and embracing it.

Lilly Winwood’s claim to fame isn’t simply her iconic father Steve Winwood. The video release of “Few More Records” provides a delectable taste of Winwood’s definitive country style highlighting her rich vocals and ability to carefully craft thoughtful lyrics. The full-bodied, metallic twang of the guitars resonates forcefully, welcoming Winwood’s bright, steady voice.

Lilly Winwood released her new single “Few More Records” today from her forthcoming album Time Well Spent, exclusively premiered by Medium. A bluesy, moody track, Winwood’s wise-beyond-her-years tone fills the wistful, but resilient lyrics. Staying true to her Americana roots, the song is framed with a subtle steel guitar, southern rock guitars and classic rock piano riffs. An underdog anthem, “Few More Records” firmly solidifies Winwood as an up-and-coming Americana artist to watch.

“‘Hard to Tell,’ is a fun, whimsical track that utilizes its steel guitar, organ, and bluesy guitar licks to emphasize Winwood’s unique voice and Ray’s signature eccentric style.” - Cowboys & Indians

In 2015, a restless, curious talent from Gloucestershire, England, decided to revisit her Nashville relatives—she had previously spent summers with them, and perhaps she believed that this jaunt would just be one more road trip, yet this visit yielded a major career milestone.

In fact, singer-songwriter, Lilly Winwood, found that visit so illuminating that she chose to document her coming-of-age observations and anecdotes. The result became 2017 debut EP, ‘Silver Stage’.

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