Miko Marks

In the words of “Tripe Face Boogie,” Little Feat has been inviting folks to boogie their sneakers away for a good long while….and the sneakers haven’t worn out yet.  The band is pleased to announce their Spring 2023 tour…and we guarantee the shows will generate all the boogie you can stand.

Fantastic Negrito's single "Rolling Through California'', featuring Miko Marks is one of the most timely tracks of 2021.

While singer-songwriter Miko Marks is far from a newcomer to the music industry, her upcoming album, Our Country, will be her first release in 13 years. Set to release in March 2021, Our Country is the culmination of a dream - an actual, literal dream. A songwriter by trade, Marks’ own project has largely taken a backseat  over the past decade, as early success and heartbreak in her career made her somewhat disillusioned with the  music industry at large.

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