Shift Summit & Music Festival

With your help, we got the word out. With your help, we planted 250,000 trees. This is simply to say, thank you. Nearly 25,000 people registered, all donations went directly to TreeSisters. One dollar, one tree. Our mission is to plant one million trees within one year.

The Shift Network (TSN), a global leader in transformational learning and events, presents an epic three-day free online festival, The Shift Music Festival and Visionaries Summit, September 17-19. World-renowned musicians and visionaries will unite for one purpose: to kick off the Shift Network’s goal of planting 1 MILLION TREES.

Be a part of the change September 17-19 at The Shift Music Festival and Visionaries Summit by tuning in to a FREE online conference and music festival featuring 100+ speakers and music artists from around the globe. This powerful lineup of changemakers, thought leaders, artists, and creatives are uniting to make a massive global impact… to plant ONE MILLION trees in order to restore ecosystems, reboot economies, and heal our relationship with Mother Earth.

The Shift Network has announced The Shift Summit & Music Festival, set to begin on September 18th and lead up to the International Day of Peace, September 21st, 2020. The 4-day event combines top-tier musicians and renowned thought leaders throughout society, focused on building a better future, including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Jane Goodall, Rep.

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