Steve Dawson

Eyes Closed, Dreaming, the newest album from Steve Dawson is, without reservation, a pinnacle and career highlight for the Nashville-based Canadian musician. With its beautiful melodies, inspired instrumentation and soulful vocal performances, Dawson’s newest music soars effortlessly over the very high bar he’s set for himself over the past three decades.


As a sideman, Canadian guitarist, composer, and seven-time Juno Award-winning musician Steve Dawson mastered the art of playing in the background a long time ago, so to hear him front and center on his new album Gone, Long Gone is a sonic treat to fans new and old.


Black Hen Music announces a June 15 release date for multiple Juno-award-winning musician/producer Steve Dawson’s new instrumental acoustic album, Lucky Hand. The new recording showcases Dawson’s brilliant fingerstyle work on a variety of instruments, accompanied by special guests Jesse Zubot on violin, harmonica legend Charlie McCoy and mandolinist John Reischman, as well as the presence of a string quartet on a number of tracks. The album will be available on both CD and vinyl LP formats.

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