The Stone Foxes

Today, San Francisco-based rock outfit The Stone Foxes, co-founded by brothers Shannon and Spence Koehler, have released “Help Me Now,”the latest from their forthcoming LP, On The Other Side, due out on November 18th.

The Stone Foxes love their country. The beloved San Francisco rock band carries the legacy of classic rockers that have come before them and the values of the city itself as a bastion of freedom and inclusivity for all people. With vocalist and drummer Shannon Koehler at the helm, The Stone Foxes stand for protesting in the streets as the greatest form of patriotism. Koehler and his crew believe in an America where distorted guitars are turned up loud, and people speak truths for the betterment of everyone.

In the darkest of times while the world faces political and environmental uncertainties of grand proportions, the responsibility of artists to reflect on the state of the world becomes undeniable. The Stone Foxes -- with Shannon Koehler at the helm -- set a piercing depiction of greed, deception, and loss with a new collection of epic rock anthems on their upcoming EP, Gold (Release Date: February 28, 2020).

San Francisco’s The Stone Foxes are excited to announce the release of “My Place”, the fourth installment of their “Foxes First Fridays” single release series. Taking a rest from their rock laden anthemic jams, this country spirit ballad shows a band with serious heart. “I'm a pretty jolly person, but writing a happy love song has never really been my thing,” says Koehler.

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