Syd Barrett

Mercury Studios, Universal Music Group’s innovative and multi-faceted content studio, is proud to announce the DVD+Blu-ray release of the critically acclaimed documentary film Have You Got It Yet?, a compelling dive into the life and genius of Syd Barrett, of Pink Floyd fame. The film will also be made available on digital formats, as well as On Demand.

As Grateful Web, we commemorate the extraordinary life and lasting legacy of Syd Barrett, born on January 6, 1946. Today, on what would have been his 78th birthday, we honor a musician whose innovative spirit and profound artistry left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Third Man Records (in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment) is humbled to present Syd Barrett’s solo albums - The Madcap Laughs, Barrett, and Opel - as the 57th installment of the Vault subscription series. Individually out of print for almost ten years, and never previously available together on vinyl, Barrett’s complete solo works are featured in this set on stunning 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man Pressing in Detroit and packaged together in a custom slipcase with new exclusive artwork.


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