Mon, 02/20/2017 - 4:16 pm

Scratchology: Reviving a dormant art form and awakening creativity in the minds of a generation, one student at a time. Denver Music Institute (DMI) is the first music school with a Scratch Academy for aspiring DJs in Colorado! This program will be located at 4195 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113. We are going to reimagine the art of musicianship by getting back to basics. The basics of how to manipulate sounds and open up the next generation’s creative ear to the history of music. Music knows no bounds. When words cease, music forges forward. Our commitment to reviving, reliving, retelling the art form of the disc jockey will inspire an entrance into the music industry that few have discovered the key to. Scratchology is keenly aware that the sound produced is nothing more than the unlocking of a creative expression inside the core of each and every student. Realizing that when a DJ puts the headphones to their ear the white noise of circumstance and life is dampened and life pours out in the rhythm of hope, love, and belief.

There has been a recent loss of many art/music programs during and after-school in Colorado. This has led to the decline in creativity avenues for our youth. When I speak with these kids, they all mention the importance of music in their day to day activities. The one quote that hit the hardest was from an 8-year-old student that said, “Music has allowed her to escape the hardship currently taking place in her home.” This program is being created to help provide a place for students to meet their creative potential.

In hopes of making this dream a reality, we have begun a kickstarter campaign will go live 02/21/2017.   "Scratch Academy" has teamed up with local business "Platform T" on 95 Lincoln Street Denver, to have a fundraiser dated for 3/4/2017 from 6pm to 10pm. The goal is to raise funds toward the project and to also meet supporters within the community. We are looking for achieve the financial goal to be able to purchase all the equipment necessary for our students. If this goal is met, classes will start having registration as early as May 1st. We will have professional DJs both locally and internally teaching our classes and sharing their experiences also:

  1. Our students will not have to work with any equipment/devices to be a part of the program.
  2. The program is designed to teach our student how to combo live instruments along with deejaying to captivate their audiences.  It will also teach them social skills and awareness of self.
  3. The program will also show the different career paths that are associated to the deejay, such as PR, marketing, web development etc.

About Scratch: Scratch Academy is an after-school program provided to the youth of Colorado to teach them the art of deejaying. To provide a place for creative minds to explore with great depths into music.