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Award-winning singer-songwriter and eclectic multi-instrumentalist Rachael Sage will be joining 80s pop pioneer Howard Jones for his nationwide U.S. tour kicking off January 24th in Seattle, WA. Sage has often named Jones as a seminal influence on her music and previously supported him during the UK leg of his 2017 world tour. Along the tour, Sage will be previewing material from her new album Myopia, due May 2018.

From running her own record label, MPress Records, to releasing twelve full-length albums and numerous EPs of original material, Rachael Sage is one of the busiest, most prolific artists in the independent music scene. Averaging well over 100+ dates around the globe each year, Sage has shared stages with such diverse musicians as Ani DiFranco, Lucius, Beth Hart, Sarah McLachlan, and Great Big World.

In 2017, Sage was invited to open for Howard Jones during the UK portion of his international tour, which delightfully resulted in a creative kinship between the two. Jones expressed that Sage possesses “wonderful songwriting, arrangements and lovely vocals” and again called upon her to join his upcoming 2018 performances in America. The colorful artists will hit most major markets including stops in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, and two nights in New York City. Fans will also be treated to special selections from Sage's forthcoming full-length album, Myopia, set to release this Spring. Violinist Kelly Halloran (Tom Morello) will be accompanying Sage for all of her performances.

Myopia is a bold departure for Sage with a much stronger emphasis on her guitar playing over her signature piano palette. It’s also a new kind of album for Sage personally, as she sings about a “screen of judgement / in my face all the time” being lifted. An edgy declaration of self-assurance and "vision" (Sage is legally blind without her glasses), Myopia focuses her passionately candid viewpoint into songs that range from the sociopolitical to the deeply romantic. As an affectionate nod to both her tour mate and one of her musical inspirations, she included her own unique interpretation of Howard Jones’ #1 hit song “No One Is To Blame”. Produced by Sage and her longtime engineer, 2-time Grammy® Nominee John Shyloski, Myopia also features inventive contributions by guitarist James Mastro and her longtime band The Sequins. Sage further explains: “This is a warm-weather record. These are songs about getting out there, thawing things out, and unearthing the truth. Sometimes you can’t do that in the dead of winter. But when the sun is shining, even the murkiest future appears hopeful.”

Tour Dates:


Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall

Seattle, WA


Aladdin Theater

Portland, OR


Admiral Theater

Bremerton, WA


The Chapel

San Francisco, CA



Sacramento, CA


Romano's Concert Lounge

Riverside, CA


El Rey Theater

Los Angeles, CA


Whittier College

Whittier, CA


Belly Up Tavern

Solana Beach, CA


Soiled Dove Underground

Denver, CO


Soiled Dove Underground

Denver, CO


Tobin Center For Performing Arts

San Antonio, TX


Dosey Doe, The Big Barn

The Woodlands, TX


City Winery Nashville

Nashville, TN


City Winery Atlanta

Atlanta, GA


Infinity Music Hall

Hartford, CT


YMCA Boulton Center For Performing Arts

Bay Shore, NY


Daryl's House

Pawling, NY


Sellersville Theater 1894

Sellersville, PA


City Winery

Boston, MA


Shalin Liu Performance Center

Rockport, MA


City Winery NYC

New York, NY


City Winery NYC

New York, NY


Hangar Theater

Ithaca, NY


Music Box Supper Club

Cleveland, OH


City Winery Chicago

Chicago, IL


The Tarkington

Carmel, IN


Live! At The Ludlow Garage

Cincinnati, OH


St. Andrew's Hall

Detroit, MI

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 6:22 pm

So Sure was conceived in 2019, and officially formed during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Sean Kelly (vocals, guitars, bass, synth) and Brendan Kelly (guitars, bass, synth, programming) (both from the band A Fragile Tomorrow) shared a similar itch to explore the vast world of dream pop, shoegaze, post punk, and alternative music of the 80s and 90s that they loved deeply. 

Longtime friend and collaborator Kyle Polk (drums, pads, percussion) shared a similar interest, and a front-to-back performance together of My Bloody Valentine’s seminal Loveless album sealed the deal.

Caffeine Drip is the first offering from So Sure, featuring five songs written and recorded over two months.

“In the end, we had five songs that I think felt really great to everyone,” Sean Kelly says. “[And] it was personally great to explore this music that I’ve loved for so long.”

Recorded remotely between Savannah GA, Montgomery NY, and Charleston SC, the songs are political and timely, and reflect the frustration and anxiety of the majority of the country.

“The exciting thing about So Sure is that there seems to be so much more to explore with this band,” Kelly says. 

“It’s freeing to be able to build something from scratch and figure out what the band is. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that and it’s creatively quite thrilling.”

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU to aid in its urgent advocacy efforts to demand racial justice and end police brutality.

Backstory (Written by Sean Kelly):

For me, this project is the realization of a dream I’ve had for a long time. Brendan and I have had a common love of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, etc for a long time. 

We did some shows in September with our friend Kyle Polk on drums, and one week we played MBV’s ‘Loveless’ in its entirety. We started talking with Kyle about this idea we had of eventually starting a shoegaze band, and he was into it. Time passed, and we decided to give it a go while stuck in our houses. 

In the end, we had five songs that I think felt really great to everyone. They’re unavoidably political and timely, and it was personally great to explore this music that I’ve loved for so long.  

“Further Down” is possibly my favorite song on the EP, for a lot of reasons. It was built from a lot of little ideas that Brendan and I wrote, and we just kinda put things together to see it they fit. It was an experiment, really, but I think we both had the picture in our minds. Making it happen, especially as a co-write, felt like a real accomplishment. 

“Caffeine Drip” is a song that Brendan wrote and arranged all of the music for. He sent me the whole song and I simply just put melody and lyrics to it. That might be the first time that’s ever happened. We do a lot of co-writing, but not like that. I was really influenced by the way a band like Slowdive approaches melodies, with more elongated phrasing and parts that maybe flow more fluidly than songs that take the opposite approach. It was a bit outside of my box melodically, which was fun and challenging.

One of the best things about this project is Kyle, and I can’t emphasize that enough. He’s an incredibly melodic drummer, and his ideas are really musical and full of hooks. We’re lucky enough to play with two unbelievable drummers in both of our bands now, and that’s pretty amazing. 

The exciting thing about So Sure is that there seems to be so much more to explore with this band. Kyle has sent instrumental ideas, and we’ve got a pretty large folder of sketches and ideas. We also do want to do some shows, whenever that may be. But either way, it’s freeing to be able to build something from scratch and figure out what the band is. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that and it’s creatively quite thrilling!


1. Caffeine Drip 5:17
2. Cookstown Mary 2:52
3. Banging The Drum So Slowly 4:14
4. Further Down 5:04
5. Paper Thin Skinned 4:44