Sat, 05/27/2017 - 1:41 pm

Metafonics, a quirky collective of jam innovators, are on the verge of releasing their full length debut album. Each song feeds your earbuds with distinct flavor blending funk, R&B, hip-hop, progressive rock & experimental soundscapes.

Metafonics was recorded at Beyond The Infinite Multimedia in Lakewood, CO. It was engineered, mixed, and produced by members of the band. The album was mastered by Brent Somermeyer and Matt Tanner at Catadawn Studios in Denver, CO.

An album release party will be held on July, 28th at “Your Mom’s House”, an intimate venue that opened this year in Cap Hill, a bustling neighborhood in the heart of Denver.

About: Metafonics is a four-piece straight from the vibrant musical hotbed of Denver, CO. The group prides itself on its genre variation, alternating between jazz fusion, electronic space bangers, and smooth hip-hop, to name a few. Their sonic range is made possible by freaky synthesizers blended into shredding guitar licks, screaming keys, smooth bass and heavy-hitting drums. The band embarked on a 14-date, multi-regional tour in August of 2016, and consistently plays shows in and around Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, Colorado.