Thu, 09/14/2017 - 6:52 am

One of Australia’s most unique rising sounds once again delivers. The Quick and the Dead released their new single on August 31, Fighter from their hit album Water From Stone. While Fighter still relies on the fusion of Australian artistry and American South blues and rock influences in the melody, lead singer and drummer Rhys Druusma explains the deeper meaning of its lyrics.

“I wrote Fighter thinking about all the people I know who dedicate . . . time and energy into the lost causes.” Rhys adds that people will only change for the better when they start “letting our walls down and living life together with those around us.” In addition to vocals, Rhys is also lead drummer. Meanwhile, brother Kai adds blues magic on his homemade guitars while Isaac Goeby brings his signature pounding bass rhythms to The Quick and the Dead’s masterpieces.

Fighter builds on the album’s main theme of the quest to live right by insisting that none of us can do it alone. The video reinforces the imagery of modern loneliness as a desert wilderness whose aridity is only punctuated by dead trees reaching skyward. Only by reaching out to others can one escape the wilderness. As the song says, “We’re all searching for the ones to trust with whom we really are.”

“Us humans seem like we’ll never change until you glance away for a second only to notice the desert has turned into a forest.”

You can view the video for Fighter here: and stream the track on Spotify here: