Cartoon Network's Shauna Case Releases Debut EP

Shauna Case is one of the stars of Nick Cannon's sketch comedy show, Incredible Crew, on Cartoon Network, but the young performer and rising star has been dancing and singing for far longer. The fifteen year-old performer began singing in the theatre in her hometown of Erie, PA, and dipped her toes into acting when her family moved to Los Angeles three years ago. Unwilling to let acting or dancing take focus over her singing, she began working with Billboard Award-winning and Grammy-nominated producer Eddie Galan on a five-track EP - "Some Kind of Fairytale."

Shauna's music is country-infused pop, similar to the music of her idols, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum. The title track and first single, "Some Kind of Fairytale," which is also Shauna's first music video, is a catchy 'perfect-for-summer' track. The song is somewhat autobiographical, following a girl who leaves a small town to chase her dreams in the big city. Shauna co-wrote this song with Eddie and Adia Haynie.

"I tried to have a hand in most of the songs," shares Shauna. "I wanted to make sure I felt connected to each track. My goal is to tell stories and connect with my fans. With 'Some Kind of Fairytale' I really want people to think about making their dreams come true."

Shauna is not looking for the easiest way to the top. Building a community on her social media sites through grass-roots efforts, Shauna's success has come to her organically. It is the only way to inspire others to work hard to achieve their dreams, and that is more important to her than being an overnight sensation.

"It is very important to me to be true to who I am," says Shauna. "Hard work is necessary to achieve your goals. It's not a bad thing."

Shauna's desire to inspire others has also led her to become a Celebrity Ambassador for SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), a member of the National Council on Suicide Prevention. She knows first hand what it is like to live with a family member who battles depression. By joining SAVE, Shauna hopes to help others find the resources they need for themselves or their loved ones, as well as to share a message of hope.

Shauna Case's self-titled EP will be available on i-Tunes and other online retailers on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

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