Marla Mase Announces Summerstage Appearance

New York rock/crossover artist/activist Marla Mase has confirmed that she and guitarist Tomás Doncker will be bringing her "Speak" show to Summerstage 2013, joining a lineup that includes The Zombies, Django Django, Dead Prez, Lianne la Havas and Rakim. The CD "Speak Deluxe" found Marla touring both China and Europe, being honored by Friends of the UN, and receiving top reviews from publications such as The Huffington Post, who said "her feisty message of peace will perhaps wake up the beast in all of us".

"Speak" is a multi-media concert and dance piece inspired by the songs of Marla Mase?s acclaimed 2013 album, "Speak Deluxe". Combining live music, spoken word, dance and visual imagery, Marla has teamed up with choreographer Adrienne Hurd, filmmaker James Jankiewicz, and director/producer Sara Berg (who directed A Brief Night Out, Marla's rock opera about a women going through a mid-life rock-n-roll crisis in 2012) for one of a kind show. "Speak" presents a powerful portrayal of "the universal woman's" confinement, sexuality, body image, trauma, oppression and freedom, celebrating the raw reality of the human condition as expressed through the eyes, bodies, and voices of women. Through the expressive movements of a troupe of seven dancers, each of whom has a distinct voice and tale in the mini-stories, the dancers will explore the archetypes that make up the idea of what it means to be a modern woman.

The music, co-written by Marla Mase and Tomás Doncker is an integral part of "Speak" and features elements of Rock-n-Roll with World Beat, Punk, Funk, Electronica, Reggae and Soul and will be performed live at each performance with both Mase and The Tomás Doncker Band.

Marla Mase's "Speak" performance takes place on June 15th, 2013 in Herbert Von King Park and August 17 at The East River Park. Both performances are free to the public. Event information can be found here and here.

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Artist: Marla Mase  (backed by Tomás Doncker Band)
Location: New York, New York
Styles: rock (alternative/classic), punk, spoken word, global soul, funk, reggae, experimental
Similar to: Patti Smith, David Byrne, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, Ian Dury, GTO's, Jim Morrison, Henry Rollins
CD: SPEAK DELUXE (Feb 28, 2013)

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