Sativa Gumbo

sativaSativa Gumbo's music is an eclectic blend of funk, southern rock, bluegrass, reggae, rhythm and blues, and follows the great tradition of jam bands in twisting and bending musical genres.

Sativa Gumbo was formed in the summer of '96 in New Albany, IN by guitarist Tommy Potts, bassist Jared Williamson and drummer Andy Garbe.  Many days were spent that summer jamming in "The Barn",  Tommy's apartment behind Moma Gumbo's house.  Guitarist Johnny Stein joined the band in Sept. of '96,  and the band proceeded to play its first show ever on Oct. 14, 1996.  Heavy on improvisation this lineup played many shows over the next 2 years with very few recordings produced.  Johnny Stein left the band in Feb of '99.  Keyboardist Ryan Pickhardt joined the band in Feb of '99, right before Johnny's departure.  This lineup refined the gumbo sound over the next year and a half, expanding the genres played and smoothing out our improvisational playing. Many, many more shows were played, many pratices at the infamous "Gumbo Crib", and several recording including the 1st live studio recording.  Drummer Andy Garbe left the band in Sept. of  2000, to pursue other interests.  Drummer Shawn Williams was brought on board in Nov. of 2000 and the sound changed again. The volume came down and the love for the all mighty groove returned.  This lineup played its 1st show on March 9, 2001, exactly 6 month to the day of the last show in 2000.  The band looks to the future with great pride and continues its work of spreading the groove across America.

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