Winter Bisco Inferno Takes Colorado by Storm Part 1


Submitted by -Philip Emma Fri, 02/01/2013 - 4:12 am

The Disco Biscuits love Colorado! And how can I blame them? I come from Philadelphia just like they do and fled the East for the happy humble vibe of Colorado. There is something very special about this area, especially regarding music. I am not sure if it is the natural beauty, the thin air, or generally just the kindness of the like-minded people that get attracted here from all over the world. Even Stephen King wrote about this same phenomenon in one of his greatest novels, The Stand.  All of the good people came to Boulder, as the evil gravitated to Las Vegas. In any case, I have been a fan and a friend to this band for many years and have watched them evolve. It is clear to anyone who has done this that they always play Colorado differently then other places. They have all admitted to love playing here, and have even expressed interest in moving here in the past. Therefore, it is not that big of a surprise that once or twice a year they come in one form or another and create an epic weekend for their large dedicated fan base in Colorado.

1/24/13 – Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

Their first stop was in my favorite indoor venue in the state…the beautiful Boulder Theater. I am not even sure if it is possible to have a bad time in this venue and the Biscuits know it. It was like a reunion in the bar next door, George’s, as friends piled in from all over the country for this unique weekend. As the show started, guitar player Jon Gutwillig, Barber, or what he now requests to be called Barbershreds, came out asking the crowd if they were ready. After a meek response, he asked two more times and finally the crowd gave a good Colorado welcome. He then gave their love and told the crowd that they were going to open up with a sentimental ballad since it was almost Valentine’s Day, and they wanted the fans to think about the one they love. Bassist Marc Brownstein then cut in to hint at the second song of the set by saying, “They’ve had heart cookies at 7-11 for like three weeks now, and the Easter eggs are already out. They’re already selling Easter candy. It’s fucking January. What the fuck?” And then gave his regular, “What’s up guys, how you doin’?” Then, the rare sentimental ballad called “Kitchen Mitts” gracefully lifted off the stage.

After, as alluded to, “7-11” was played, and I can’t help but think that it was in honor of the band’s first show in Colorado after the birth of lighting engineer Johnny Goode and Rebecca’s first born son, who was born on that date this past summer. This song created the party atmosphere that prevailed throughout the weekend. About half way through when the beat dropped, the dance party ignited. I cannot say enough about the respect I have for drummer Allen Aucoin. He never ceases to amaze me, and somehow it is like he gets better and better every time I see him play. Smoothly, they slipped into an inverted “Jigsaw Earth.” For those of you who do not know what it means, refer to my previous Biscuits review for definition of inverted and dyslexic songs. Aucoin continued to pound a solo that set the crowd on fire right before the most lyrical part of the song. He is a machine behind those drums, and he is in my opinion, the hardest working drummer in the business.

“Jigsaw Earth” went into a “Grass is Green,” which has not been played in almost two years, and here it was the bread of an inverted “42” sandwich. “42” was coincidentally debuted in Boulder a decade ago. The untz thumped the theater as the revelers danced through this sandwich of party beats. Aron Magner, keyboard, provided the familiar and newer flair for the most different and exciting part of this first set as Brownstein asked the essential questions of “42.” The set closed with the end of “Grass is Green” to round out a really nice opening set to a long weekend.

The second set started with a little banter about if the crowd could recall the song, “Rock n’ Roll, Hoochie Koo” by Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer. The band explained how they were trying to figure out what Hoochie Koo meant during set break, and just then the cymbals started the beauty of “The Very Moon,” which went into “Crystal Ball,” a song that I last heard at the last show that I saw of theirs at the House of Blues in Atlantic City this past summer. “Astronaut” was the song that really got me moving to start this second set though. The guitar work into a funky dance party change is just what I needed before ascending into a dub style “Mindless Dribble.” This always sparks a conversation with the Philly natives about going to eat at Ishkabibble’s on South Street after a good show at the TLA named after the comedian and cornet player who hailed from the North East section of the city. The spacey dub tone lead back into “Astronaut” for another six minutes.

“Just a bunch of Valentine’s Day love songs is what we’re doing tonight, the band said. “Love songs for Easter.” The next song they said was about being insane and loving it. A twenty minute “House Dog Party Favor” closed the show, and the city boys left out of their minds again. The encore was the Perfume version of “Pilin’it High(er). This nice “Valentine” edition of a soft opening show set the stage for the Winter Bisco Inferno with so much more tom come including for some a secret Sunday show at the Fox Theater in Boulder.

Although I did not attend the Ogden show, the set list was as follows:

01/25/13 • Ogden Theater • Denver , CO

Set 1: Jam > Run Like Hell > Tricycle > Confrontation, Echoes > Run Like Hell

Set 2: Therapy, Spacebirdmatingcall > Cyclone > Above The Waves > Rock Candy > Spacebirdmatingcall, Spraypaint

Encore: Echoes