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Bobby Long's Collection of Poetry out in December

Submitted by W3 Public Relations on Wed, 09/21/2016 - 10:52 am

British singer-songwriter, known for his hauntingly poetic lyrics, will publish his second collection of actual poetry in early December. Infused with candor, raw emotion and his signature wry humor, Losing My Misery is at once brash, funny and heartbreaking, exposing the writer's foibles as well as his poignant insights into the human condition. It follows 2012's Losing My Brotherhood of which one writer said: "With a few short words, Long brings us into his world, if only for a moment, and shows us exactly what he sees."

Bobby Long's Vinyl Release "Ode" Available March 4

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ODE, the vinyl version of Bobby Long's latest CD release ODE TO THINKING, will become available everywhere on March 4, following its November debut as a RSD First selection for Black Friday Record Store Day. Released by Compass Records, ODE comprises six tracks from the ODE TO THINKING CD plus three never-before-available songs.  The title track from the album is the current single.

Bobby Long Kicks Off 2016 with New Shows

Submitted by Leighton Media on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:01 am

U.S.-based British singer-songwriter-guitarist Bobby Long begins the New Year with a new single from his critically-acclaimed album ODE TO THINKING and a series of newly-announced shows. "Ode to Thinking," the title track from the album, arrives at radio this week, accompanied by a creative lyric video for the song.

Bobby Long's new album streets August 7th

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British singer-songwriter-guitarist Bobby Long, who is known for his powerfully evocative lyrics set to haunting melodies, has signed an agreement with Compass Records for the release of his new album, ODE TO THINKING. The CD will arrive worldwide on August 7 with U.S. and international tour dates scheduled to support the release.

Bobby Long Celebrates Completion of Forthcoming 3rd Album

Submitted by W3 Public Relations on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 1:49 pm

Singer-songwriter Bobby Long is celebrating the completion of his forthcoming third album with a series of new live appearances. The British-born New Yorker joins the roster for three upcoming Communion Music shows in March-his first participation in the popular music series-beginning with their March 4 show at Milkboy in Philadelphia.  He returns to New York's Mercury Lounge on Saturday, March 14.

Singer-Songwriter Bobby Long Resumes Tour Schedule

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British singer-songwriter Bobby Long, who now makes his home in New York City, is set for a series of live appearances, beginning with a return to The Drake Hotel in Toronto on August 6. Long will follow the Toronto show with one on August 16 in his adopted neighborhood when he appears at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, New York.

Bobby Long's Losing my Brotherhood: Dissipating Youth & Gaining Perspective

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There are those things they teach you in school about poetry, things like rhyme schemes and stresses and metrical feet. Things like sonnets and pastoral poetry and the epic. Regardless of all those rules and terms though, poetry can be one of the most free-form arts, allowing the writer to take on a poetic license, which is really to say that the author can do whatever he pleases.

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