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It's all pretty screwed.  The best thing  - -> large mother fucking meteorite!  Perhaps kilauea crater will slide into the ocean.  That would do it.

Chris, I don't have all the answer, I'm just some techie goof that is as frustrated as you.

I do know that the most powerful think we can with our money is buy locally.

Giving money to the local sandwich shop rather than McDouche, never ever go to walmart, say away from huge hardware stores, home depot, etc.  Be proud of that.  Be proud that you are broke as shit because you didn't save $3 bucks on bulk sausage at super kmart!

YES they are waaaaaaaaaay cheaper, but what is really happening?  

All across the nation, people are losing their downtowns, their central base, or whatever you want to call it.  You know why?  Well, we just keep going into those BIG ASS global marts (Walmart is the best example).

They pay shitty wages to young kids, divorced moms, and illegal immigrants. They aren't socially responsible.  Who told you that?  Yes, they may be more accountable in a lot of ways, but look who is paying off bush so he will reduce their taxes and reduce pollution restrictions, etc.

people come to the store and pay less.  What happens is that that local money instantly LEAVES the local community and wides up at corporate headquarters in little rock, or new york. 

While all the local money is being sucked out of town, it's also snuffing out the local mom and pop stores that cannot compete with the prices.  It's a huge circle of local death.  The core dies and people sprawl outwards, turning more pasture into concrete, disrupting more ecosystems, encouraging more reproduction.

This is leading to local communities losing power, losing control of their own destiny.  This is globalization. 

Eventually, all the power would leave the people and be in the hands of the one global group that owns all the global businesses. 

That goes for WATER as well.  If we continue on this pace, some global group will own all water rights in the world.

It's ugly.  Most people have no clue to this at all.  NO clue.  Society is getting further and futher away from nature.  That's the whole problem.  WE are under a huge diabolical spell.  It has been cast.  We are slaves to the machine.  It's the real version of the Matrix.    What will wake us, I don't know.

NEVER NEVER EVER give into this!!!!!

At the end of 2012, when the biosphere morphs into the noosphere, it will trigger the cosmic PSI BANK to release its memory (I has something to do with the Van Allen radiation belts and DNA).  At which point, we will be reminded of what we really are...the world as we know it will end and things will be better. So we've got that going for us.


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When I read your reply, Aaron, I am of course reminded of many of the  reasons why I still take JFK2 over Bush...but I hardly feel there is a  positive option for our planet...I had a little back and forth with someone on RSS (RED SEA SCROLLS - on Huskerillustrated.com) this am...about the drug companies...it started with Levitra's new "Tackling Men's Health" campaign...give me a break, what are they going to tell us about health? that we can fix anything with a pill...then someone said "hey I get paid to do cancer research because of products like Levitra.."  Then the wave of realization that we are just caught in a horrible loop...thousands need the big companies, whether it is drug, soda, or mac-n-cheese, as employers and providers...society would collapse on itself without the monster corporations, and they are perhaps evolving into something better than what they used to be...companies that are developing a conscience and a resposibility, maybe out of necessity...anyway...today was colored by that thought that there really is no going back, there might be little pockets of the old reality playing at their little communal ideals,  but they also still rely on the outside world and just an exercise in ego, that they can be right and separate from the masses, which is BS...sort of a "Brave New World" kind of thing with the wild lands outside society, I don't think it really could stand on its own... so ultimately, how does it work  out?  how should we proceed politically, socially, economically, morally...?

I know we have talked about living as close to that deepest cosmic groove, the vibration of life...how does the Iraqi war fit that? how does Monsanto's bioengineering fit that? how does heavy metal fit that? hip hop? opera? SUV's? bicycles? electronics? advertising? philosophy? religion? opinion? family? conversation? whatever...

just a little depressed with with the Human Condtion as it now seems to be
today...someone give me some answers!


Aaron & Chris On Drugs & Iraq

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sounds about right...probably, bush understands drugs better than kerry anyway...I have this feeling lately that Kerry is really no answer...it might actually be better to leave bush in and get people even more pissed off so that 2008 becomes revolution time...maybe bush will pass some (more) horrible rights reducing legislation over the next 4 yrs and prove what a bad move it was to vote him in...

the charlie rose show today had the guy from Carter's admin that wrote the book with the approximate title "A choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership" he was pretty good, thinks that our best bet is to pull out of Iraq and form some kind of coalition with moderate middle east nations...

you know what? I really could fucking care less about any of this...it doesn't matter who's in there now or ever, we are past the point of no  return on big business, etc...there is no possible way around it, the only thing we can do is be good  and work to incorporate some sense, awareness, love into corporate domination...yeah good luck...but the global world is getting smaller and maybe this stuff is clashing with the deeper vibration of life, but it is irreversible and we need to learn to ride it while  staying true to ourselves on the human to human (being to being) level...is it bad to say change is hopeless? that we are hoping for the wrong thing?

Because we are fooling ourselves to think that people like Kerry can help...he's part of the same bullshit and I certainly don't have faith in him to make any progress...when was the last time you saw a politiician (or anyone for that matter) that made you feel like, "I'd follow him to the end of the world!"?  There isn't anyone out there that instills that sense of  "This guy is Amazing!"

Sorry - just feeling a little depressed about the state of things....


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Your frustrations are shared by many people.

As far as Iraq goes, obviously it was stupid to go in there in the first place.  People will argue that the whole mission wasn't thought through enough.  Well duh!  It was never intended to be thought through.  The only thought by bush was ride the new wave of fear about terrorism. Bush could take care of all his personal business with the middle east under the guise of terror.  and who's to say that the bush admin wasn't more directly responsible with the attack on American soil.

So now we are left with the bi-product of bush's greed... we can't stay or leave Iraq.   If we stay, American soldiers die, Iraqis die, oil burns, containments are spewed.  If we leave, holy shit that would create a HUGE civil war not to mention all the middle eastern countries attempting to move in for the feast of land/oil and so on.  Of course the USA won't let anyone else get the oil.

If you think about it, IRAQ is really a plastic country.  It was created by the British during WW I.  The USA has been controlling the leadership since the 50's.  Unfortunately one of their monkeys started fighting back (Saddam) and now we are having to fry the area to make a point. It's really quite fucked.  It is sort of like Michael Jackson's plastic surgery.  One mistake and now we keep trying to fix it and it just gets uglier and freakier.

I really feel that we have to take the less of two evils.  This is not to say that Kerry is really less evil than Bush, but his priorities will have less effect on the environment.  That's the bottom line.  Some of the shit that Bush allows now is pretty much irreversible.

Kerry's wife owns the Heinz company, right?  Look at all the stuff that Heinz does (sends work off to mexico and other countries).  If you really look at it, it makes some of Kerry's policy look quite hypocritical.

AS of late their has been huge comparison between the Roman Empire andthe USA.  I'm not  going to try to type it out right now, but the Roman Empire obviously peaked  out with Julius and then later with Octavius (Augustus).  The fall of the empire was due to all the greed and so forth, but what lead up to the fall was war.  There are some very amazing parallels between the two.  History repeats itself.  Perhaps we just need to read some history books to find out what's going to happen?


Seven Troops Dead Monday - Another Four Tuesday - 1002 DEAD

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In Iraq, another eleven Americans have been killed in the last two days.  Why isn't this all over the news?  Has America become desensitized to our troops dying?  How come Bush didn't mention one word about these troops yesterday during campaign stops?  The death toll is now 1002, and thousands others have been maimed.  Nobody knows exactly how many Iraqi civilians have been killed since America has occupied Iraq. I still have no idea what we've accomplished.  What does your idea of 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' mean, Bush? I just can't figure it out.

Rock the Vote -- Support John Kerry!!!

Vote For Change -- 2004- for the Grateful Web

In an effort to overturn the current administration and restore democracy to the White House, members of the entertainment industry are going on tour. Stars like Bruce Springteen will be joining the Dixie Chicks, the Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M., Pearl Jam and other pop stars for MoveOn PAC's Vote for Change Tour.

It's no secret, the purpose of this tour is to make John Kerry the next president.

Groups like R.E.M. have always been political. In addition to their support for organizations like Greenpeace, R.E.M. has used their music to make a statement. Albums like "Automatic for the People" and "Life's Rich Pageant" include songs about envronmental issues, homelessness, and government corruption. Pearl Jam has written songs and spoken out against hunger and poverty.

Until we get a new adminstration, none of America's problems either at home or abroad will be addressed. Wages for the average American worker have been steadily declining since Reagan-Bush won the election in 1980. The Republicans have done nothing to stop this, and I think we all realize that giving tax breaks to greedy corporations and the wealthiest Americans will not solve the problem. But maybe Rocking the Vote will.

Musicians have a special interest in politics. As their music conveys a message, protections of civil liberties, such as those guaranteed by the First Amendment, is particularly important. Since we live in an age where Linda Rhondstat can be booed off the stage in a casino in Las Vegas for dedicating a song to Michael Moore, we know that the right to free speech is in jeopardy.

Bruce Springsteen understands the danger of allowing the current administration to stay in power. He was recently quoted: "It's an emergency intervention. We need to get an administration that is more attentive to the needs of all its citizens, that has a saner foreign policy, that is more attentive to environmental concerns."

It's no secret that the current administration is out to serve the interests of big business and the wealthy. George Bush's recent slight against African-Americans did not go unnoticed. He refused to speak to the NAACP. After President Kerry accepted an invitation to address the group, Bush decided to make a speech to the Urban League, an organization comprised primarily of wealthy African-American business owners.

We must put an end to the current administration. They have already stolen one election and threaten to do the same in November. This is not the kind of government that our forefather's envisioned. The government is supposed to be "for the people, of the people, and by the people." Our forefather's wanted a government in which every person's vote counted; not the kind of debacle we saw in the last election in which votes for the Democratic candidate were thrown into dumpsters behind polling stations. Government by the people means that Bush doesn't just get to steal an election because he's got friends in high places. It doesn't mean that Cheney gets to go to war to help Halliburton's bottom line; and it doesn't mean that Republicans get to make decisions that only favor the wealthy.

To make a change you need to get out and vote. And, it does matter who you vote for. You must vote for the Democratic candidate to restore Jeffersonian democracy to America. We can't afford to have votes wasted again on Ralph Nader. Support John Kerry and Rock the Vote!!!

For more information about the MoveOn PAC's Vote for Change Tour, click on the links below:





MoveOn.org to host Vote For Change Tour

Get out and VOTE!- for the Grateful Web

Moveonpac.org is hosting a Vote for Change tour this summer.  There's going to be approximately 34 shows in 28 different cities, all of which are in key battle ground states in this year's presidential election.

Vote For Change is a group of musicians brought together by a single idea—the need to make a change in the direction of our country. Dave Matthews and The Dixie Chicks were on The Today Show and both spoke of how their opinions in this year's presidential election were equally important as any other American.  Moreover, they commented if the actor turned President Ronald Regan, why shouldn't present day entertaners have a right to speak their minds?

Artists on the bill for these upcoming shows include: Babyface, Jackson Browne, Bright Eyes, Dave Matthews Band, Death Cab for Cutie, the Dixie Chicks, John Fogerty, Ben Harper, Jurassic 5, Keb' Mo', John Mellencamp, My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M., James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and more.

These artists hope to accomplish a single goal through the tour: to get people to the polls on November 2nd.

Visit MoveOnPAC.org for more info and be sure to vote (ideally for Kerry...)


On July 2, 2004, the COORS brewing company started running an ad intended to distance COORS the "company" from Pete Coors, the man running for the US Senate in Colorado on the Republican ticket.  The ad states that Pete Coors' campaign reflects his "personal" views - and not the views of the company.  The ad goes on to explain the Company's gay-friendly policies - which are in stark contrast to Pete Coors, the candidates, conservative stance on same-sex marriages.  Running ads to distance yourself from your namesake seems pretty severe to us.  Has COORS the brewery final

Hey, "Kenny Boy" -

The Chumpanzee & Dick

Did you know Enron Corporation donated $602,625 to the Bush Administration?

Did you know the CEO of Enron, Kenneth Lay, who Bush calls "Kenny Boy," has been indicted for taking Enron down and losing many of their workers' lifetime 401k?

Did you know the Pentagon announced two weeks ago Bush's military records have been accidentally destroyed?

Did you know National Guard service (unlike John Kerry who was active duty in Vietnam) was seen as a way for the privileged to avoid being drafted for Vietnam War duty?  John Kerry had a privileged upbringing, but he didn't take the easy way out as Bush did.

In May 1972, Bush moved to Alabama to work on a political campaign and, he has said, to perform his Guard service there for a year. But other Guard officers have said they have no recollection of ever seeing him there.

The documents released on Friday by the Pentagon included two faded computerized payroll sheets showing Bush was not paid during the latter part of 1972 and offer no evidence to place Bush in Alabama during the latter part of 1972.

Did you know Halliburton is doing business in Iran?  Iran, one of three countries Bush claims is 'part of the axis of evil,' is doing a lot of business with Cheney's favorite company, Halliburton

In a telephone press conference, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said he found it "unconscionable" that a Halliburton subsidiary appeared to be doing business with a country tied to terrorist activities at a time Cheney was Halliburton's chief executive.

Did you know Cheney approved of a $7 billion dollar no bid contract with Halliburton, which has already resulted in more than $100 million dollars of overcharges for services not delivered?

Some initial facts: As Halliburton's chairman and CEO, Cheney earned a $1.3 million salary, plus bonuses that varied from zero to $2 million during his five-year tenure. Cheney also accrued salary and stock options worth an estimated $45 million. [AP, July 26, 2000]

In addition, upon resigning from Halliburton to run with Bush in July, the 59-year-old Cheney received what amounted to a $20 million parting gift. Halliburton's board waived a requirement that Cheney would lose many of his stock options if he left before age 62. [NYT, Aug. 12, 2000]

Under the Halliburton deal, Cheney retained 400,000 unvested stock options that will "vest" in batches over the next three years. That means their value depends on Halliburton's stock price at the time the vested options are exercised. Essentially, Cheney will be aware that his personal wealth will rise and fall along with Halliburton's stock prices.

Do you know how much money Halliburton has overcharged for items costing American tax payers millions of dollars?  Hey Republicans, do you even care?  Or does everything the Chumpanzee and Dick "Oil Can" Cheney do is okay? Please let us know...

Mike Moran

Editor, Grateful Web

4th of July, Bombs Bursting through Air, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, Ad Nauseum

our flag needs a good bath- for the Grateful Web

The question of how a movement for social justice deals with symbols like the Fourth of July or like the flag has always been a controversial one. At the height of the Vietnam War, when some were advocating burning the flag, others said we should wash it instead, try to reclaim the symbol instead of repudiate it.

I'm no flag-burner (although, of course, I support freedom of expression). I don't see the point in an act that simply shocks the sensibilities of people. I'd like to be able to celebrate the Fourth. But right now the flag needs a lot of washing, and reclaiming the Fourth of July as a celebration that plays any positive role will take a lot of work.

I still recall my father (veteran of World War II front lines Battle of the Bulge) saying how much he hated each and every 4th of July. He hated the loud cracking sounds of firecrackers (symbols of bombs) and the sights of the  "beautiful" colors of "bombs bursting in air" ....to him these explosive sounds and sights  created painful flashbacks of people screaming, buddies getting killed, and strangers being blown to pieces....all in the name of freedom. My dad fought for "freedom" but he never wanted to CELEBRATE the horrors that created it. The use of fireworks with flags waving in the background, people laughing and clapping while guzzling down beer, and eating spoiled potato salad make me sick. I can't celebrate the symbols of war.  If my father was alive today, he would help me wash the flag rather than wave it. Our freedom should be celebrated in traditional 4th of July fashion????? I don't think so.

I hope Bush chokes on his hotdog and that a big cherry bomb firecracker goes off in HIS face this 4th of July. Maybe he'd have a nano-inkling of empathy for the absurdity of celebrating war wins.... I don't want to celebrate anything to do with killing others as a means to our so-called "freedom." My father came back from war a broken man from all the traumas of war. He never experienced personal freedom as a result of all the fireworks and killings. I'll celebrate my "freedom" by hiking through our beautiful forests before the Republicans screw up our natural environment. Bitter? Nah...just weary of war and tired of celebrating our national pride for winning them when nobody really wins. So...when you ooohh and ahhhh over the expensive and colorful firework display showering over your city, and when you place your right winged hand over your heart to the tune of "...Red rocket's red glare and bombs bursting in air...."  try also turning  a little red in the face from remembering all the men, women, and children that died or were maimed (regardless whether or not they were Americans) as a result of bombs that we dropped. Why are we celebrating?

We've all paid too big a price for a hotdog, applepie, and a sparkler.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" - Was President Bush Asleep at the Helm?

recruiters near Flynt, MI trying to sign up more troops- for the Grateful Web

"Fahrenheit 9/11," Michael Moore's latest documentary, gives a detailed account of the events leading up to 9/11 and the President's response. As the movie opens it recounts how Bush literally stole the Presidency, with the help of his brother Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, and his friend, Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris. The movie potrays how African-American voters in Florida were disenfranchised and how no member of the U.S. Senate was willing to sign their petition to investigate the election.


After describing the process by which Bush was se-lected, Moore documents how Bush spent the months following inauguration taking extended vacations for his two favorite sports, golfing and hunting. The nation effectively had no one in the driver's seat during this period. The FBI gave John Ashcroft repeated warnings of an imminent terrorist attack by al Queda, but rather than taking action to protect the nation Ashcroft said that he was tired of hearing about the warnings and didn't want to hear anything more about it.


Perhaps the most troubling part of the movie concerns the presence of the Osama bin Laden family in the U.S. on the day of 9/11. Members of the bin Laden family were living in Washingon, D.C., Los Angeles, and Orlando. Just days after the attack on 9/11, the bin Laden family was rushed out of the county by plane on 9/13 when all commercial flights were grounded. Ironically, Osama bin Laden's eldest brother Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners. Interesting behavior for a President who describes himself as the leader on the war against terror. Perhaps if Bush could break his business ties with the terrorists, that might help us win the war? Just a thought.

Bush's ineptness is best shown in his handling of the 9/11 attack. On the morning of the attack, Bush is making an appearance in a predominantly black grade school in Texas to read "My Pet Goat" with the students. After being informed that the second plane was flown into the World Trade Center, Bush was at a loss as to how to proceed. Instead of taking action to protect the Nation's security, he simply sat there and did nothing. He continued reading "My Pet Goat."

In the weeks and months following 9/11, Bush wakes up. Now it's time to attack Afghanistan. Lives of American soldiers are given in vain as we fail to capture the man behind it all, Osama bin Laden. Of course, why would we want to capture a friend of the Bush family?

Then the real charade begins. As Moore describes, we refocus our efforts on Iraq and wage war on a county that never attacked, threatened, or presented a known threat to the United States. "Fahrenheit 9/11" puts the camera on the bodies of the burned Iraqi children, innocent, yet brutally murdered by the U.S. military. All for weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

OIL- Operation Iraqi Liberation. As one conservative recently told me, "Ah, but the oil we will get will be well worth it." So we finally get to the truth. All of these Iraqi children were killed so that Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton could help out his old company. But I thought this was free market society with open competition? No, Halliburton was pre-selected to receive all of the major oil contracts. That's American tax dollars going into the pocket of Dick Cheney's buddies. Meanwhile, 60% of American corporations, like Halliburton, pay zero tax dollars. Seem fair to you?

Another company the Bush administration has picked to rebuild Iraq also had ties to bin Laden's family, Betchtel Corporation. Osama bin Laden family members invested $10M in an equity fund run by the former Bechtel unit. Yes, we want to make sure the bin Laden family benefits from the war efforts, since, after all, Osama bin Laden was responsible for the terrorist attacks that convinced us that we needed to go to war in the first place.

Oh, but we're liberating Iraq. Even if weapons of mass destruction were never found, Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator and we needed to liberate the country. Please explain this to me: How do you liberate a county by killing its innocent citizens? Sounds a little fishy to me.

Overall, Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" depicts the fatal errors of an incompetent administration that was not duly elected in the first place. We can only hope that the good Americans will do a better job to ensure that a competent leader is chosen this November. And that would be ANYBODY BUT BUSH!

"Since when did telling the truth mean you're a liberal?"