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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former steroid using muscle-head, running the countries' most populated and wealthy state in the world, has declared war on animal shelters.  Arnold believes killing turtles, snakes, and rodents immediately, along with shortening the amount of time stray animals can stay in impounds, will save California $14 million annually.  I believe there are more prudent ways to save the $14 million each year...

Having worked for the Boulder Humane Society for two years, I feel obligated to contest Arnold's ridiculous plan to lessen stray animals time spent in the impounds from six days to three.  Granted, most *good* dog owners will be at the shelter on day one if their animal is missing, however I know after working at the shelter for two years, some circumstances arise.  The Boulder Humane Society's euthanasia policy is: 'zero euthanasia for adoptable animals.'  Essentially, this means we will not put down any animal if he/she is healthy and friendly.  There is a thorough health and temperament evaluation for each and every incoming animal, both owner surrender and strays. For example, we'll get a dog who is obviously 10 years of age or older, and we'll do blood work on this animal.  If his/her blood work comes back healthy, he/she will stay in the adoption area INDEFINITELY, regardless of his/her age. However, if the bloodwork comes back and there is something wrong, we'll put this animal down.  Why? Well, because it's not fair of the shelter to adopt out an older animal that may die in 6 months, a year, or whatever. It's not fair to the person adopting the animal. They will become attached to the animal, then 6 months later they're having all kinds of health problems with the animal.  The only other time we'll euthanize an animal would be if they're VERY aggressive.  For instance, a feral cat after 9 months old is next to impossible to socialize, or a dog who has been left on a chain his or her entire life may be petrified of humans.  By and large, the Boulder Humane Society will do everything in their power to help socialize and avoid euthanizing animals except in worst case scenarios.

What if we take people off life support after three days, Arnold?  Will that help save money, Arnold?  I'm quite certain there other services you can cut down on. How about raising taxes on cigarettes?  Alcohol?  Oh, I got it... How about gas?  Let's tax the SUV's up the kazoo.  If they can afford a Hummer, they can afford a tax increase on petrol.  Or maybe Arnold would be willing to give up one his movie's salary to cover the $14 million each year and save many homeless animals' lives. 

"Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves."

Mike Moran

Editor, Grateful Web

A global opinion about War...

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Rome claimed the biggest turnout - 1 million protesters. In London, at least 750,000 people demonstrated in what police called the city's largest demonstration ever. Spanish police gauged the Madrid turnout at 660,000. More than 70,000 people marched in Amsterdam in the largest Netherlands demonstration since anti-nuclear rallies of the 1980s. Berlin Germany estimates between 300,000 to 500,000 war protestors. Paris France was estimated to have had about 100,000. Police estimated that 60,000 turned out in Oslo, Norway; 50,000 in bitter cold in Brussels, Belgium; and about 35,000 in frigid Stockholm, Sweden.

About 80,000 marched in Dublin, Ireland. Crowds were estimated at 60,000 in Seville, Spain; 40,000 in Bern, Switzerland; 30,000 in Glasgow, Scotland; 25,000 in Copenhagen, Denmark; 15,000 in Vienna, Austria; more than 20,000 in Montreal and 15,000 in Toronto; 5,000 in Cape Town and 4,000 in Johannesburg in South Africa; 5,000 in Tokyo; and 2,000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

More than 2,000 marched to the federal building from campus in Eugene, Oregon. In New York, rally organizers estimated the crowd at up to 500,000 people. City police provided no estimate of the crowd, which stretched 20 blocks deep and two blocks wide. Martin Luther King III:  "Just because you have the biggest gun does not mean you must use it..." Archbishop Desmond Tutu:  "Let America listen to the rest of the world - and the rest of the world is saying, Give the inspectors time.

Martin Sheen (plays a fictitious U.S. president on NBC's The West Wing): "None of us can stop this war. ... There is only one guy that can do that and he lives in the White House." Iraqi immigrant Azam Houle (left Iraq, now lives in Boise, Idaho):  "We seem to think we can destroy a country and then build a democracy... Democracy at gunpoint isn't democracy." Elsie Hinks, London England: "What I would say to Mr. Blair is stop toadying up to the Americans and listen to your own people, us, for once!" Tommaso Palladini, Milan Italy:  "You don't fight terrorism with a preventive war. You fight terrorism by creating more justice in the world."<p>Friedrich Schorlemmer, Berlin Germany:  "We Germans in particular have a duty to do everything to ensure that war - above all, a war of aggression - never again becomes a legitimate means of policy." 10,000 people in Toulouse France all chanted: "They bomb, they exploit, they pollute, enough of this barbarity."

Najjah Attar, a former Syrian cabinet minister: "The U.S. wants to encroach upon our own norms, concepts and principles...They are reminding us of the<br>Nazi and fascist times." A giant banner across The Wall of the Acropoli (Athens, Greece) - ``NATO, U.S. and EU equals War" Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon:  "Many people say we don't have options, but we do have options... The inspectors could be successful without a war."

Pete COORS is a Hypocrite

Mr. Peter COORS.. the hypocrite- for the Grateful Web

After watching countless COORS beer commercials in my life & witnessing them becoming more risqué every year, I want to know what Mr.